Thursday, April 21, 2005

Aheadness Plannedness

In over one month's time (26 May) the slightly-more-than-bi-annual Actuarial Pub Treasure Hunt will be occurring.
Last time, the team I was on, Bad Data did rather well and won, but as we've organised the PTH before, the runners up got the (dubious) honour. They are currently calling themselves Charlie's Angels, as the theme this time is Cult TV. This has led to several discussions about what cult TV we should dress up as, because that's over 90% of the fun.
We have decided, but I'm not telling you. Not yet at least.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I'm back!

Yes, I've returned to Blog after 2 months and a day.

Ok, excuses first:
  • It's not my fault, I've been stuck in Norwich.
  • It's not my fault, the PC was dead.
  • It's not my fault, my parents visited - with my sister.
  • It's not my fault, I've been doing fun real-world stuff
Ok, now that's over with...

So, what have I been up to?
Well, I've not been dieting (or at least not sucessfully) due to the whole food-being-paid-for when you're away for work. I hate saying "Away on business" because it makes it sound so overimportant!
I've mostly been grumbling lots about doing four people's work (that's mine and three others - ooh maths). I have done some cool things since my last post, I'm sure I have!

I've become addicted to Desperate Housewives and not just because of the pretty men (and women) in the series. I'm enjoying it. This is rare for me and TV, usually the only TV I like is factual or Sci-fi. This show is neither, yet I like it. Sadly, all the girls in it are uber-thin making me feel even less adequate than ever, but despite that I'm trying to smile.
Nah, screw that - I am smiling. Ok, my ar$e is bigger than Teri Hatcher's - big deal - I have much nicer breasts and don't look like I should spend a week in a fast-food chain eating!

The main thing that worries me, going back to the Norwich thing, is how I'm reacting to the stress of a badly organised project. I drink much more than I should, and even considered cigarettes for the briefest time. Of course once I'd had the thought, it plagued me all week. ciggy-ciggy-ciggy-ciggy. I have extinguished the desire now ('scuse the pun) and am endeavouring to not comfort eat as therapy too. And I've not bought any new clothes since just about pay-day last month (woo) although with my bonus...
Yes, bonus time came around again. I was reasonably happy with my bonus (my payrise doesn't deserve a mention really) and I used it to pay of the majority of my credit card. The only thing I did buy for myself was some new perfume - Curious by Britney
Apparantly Britney didn't know she was preggers, until she fainted in Miami or something. Duh. Still, I don't admire her (or want to be like her and have a baby) I just like her music. If people can say that about Jacko then I can say it about Britney!

Having read The Black's Blog about his geekosphere, I would add that I think my geekosphere is much less geeky than his. I only have photos and two pod-racers made of lego (which aren't mine), about 15 plastic cups (with gum in the top one now... grim), a VB book and my name-tag. I also have a tag created by T** for me, which implies that I have two desks and Cleggy doesn't have any!

On that note, Adieu - another program I like is starting. Hustle.