Saturday, October 29, 2005


So, I bought myself a treadmill on Thursday, from the work-intranet thing.

On Thursday, I had a (quick and tiring) go on the treadmill, and L and I discussed various methods I could use to motivate myself and ways I could use the treadmill and our other equipment. We drew up a schedule for me, which I almost stuck to today! This morning I did 5 minutes less fast-paced-walking than I was meant to, but I did do two extra weight bearing excercises, so I think that's okay.
Girls Aloud were my motivational music of choice, and I also have four pictures of me when I liked (and still like) the way I look(ed). The idea behind the pictures is that I can see my goal, and also I can see that it's attainable - because I used to be there.
We'll see how it goes, but I'm feeling both good and slightly sore around my midriff.

Leon has given me one of my Christmas gifts early: an "Instant Abs" machine! I don't know if we're going to have room for it in our second bedroom, so we'll have to move some stuff around. But yey! I might even be able to wear a nice dress again (although I only have a month, so that might be pushing it) but hopefully, if I keep it up, I'll have a bikini body for when we go away next year! (No, we haven't booked it yet. We haven't even saved any money up for it yet)

Monday, October 10, 2005

Feeling Soppy

It's L and my anniversary on Friday

We were planning on going on a "mini-cruise" to Amsterdam, but it was fully booked. Instead of this, we have planned a luxurious break in Harrogate. Ok, so it's not as glamorous as going abroad, but it does have advantages, like not sleeping on a boat.
We plan to go to the Original Betty's Tea-Rooms and also to the Turkish Bath. I am very excited about the Turkish Bath! The only downside of that is that swimwear is required (and don't think I'd rather be naked - honestly, I'd rather wear a moo-moo) and so I'll be looking a state! Ah, maybe I can get away with wearing one of my new bikinis that I didn't get to wear in the freezingness that was the Canaries.
We also plan to visit some museums and have a generally relaxing few days (including a day off work)
And I'm getting my hair cut on Thursday too.

Who would believe it, 4 years?

Cool, Actually

So, it turns out that the stuff L ordered from screwfix is fairly cool. I'll let him off.

I'm still thinking about i-pod purchase possibility. I do like the mini (you all know what colour...) and it comes in 4 and 6 Gb sizes. Tempting. Still, it would set me back in my "getting out of my overdraft" plan quite significantly.

Still waiting for my catalogue too...
Ho hum. Been looking at holidays. Got to get something booked PDQ or we'll have to go last minute again. That's okay, except that you don't have a clue what's happening. That said, that could be the case on a standard holiday too.

How on earth do I decide what to get L for Xmas? (yes, thinking about it already because I'll have to spread the spend)

Think it's best if I just go to bed now.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Other People's Junk Mail

Great! Another catalogue!
Actually, it does look good, so I've ordered the full version of it. Yay!
Although, it has made me consider buying an i-pod mini again. However, since L just spent a damned fortune on tools from screwfix (thanks to my Dad) I shouldn't splash out just yet. Or at this rate for quite a while.
Oh well, I know I shouldn't grumble. Probably will continue to grumble though.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


So, the challenges I set for myslef last February (I think) are not completed by any means. Here's a brief update:
  1. Buy a house [done - only 25 years until we own it]
    Well, that one I knew I'd do - L and I have been planning to buy a bouse for a while, and it went amazingly fast when we got down to it. We've even got hold of the landlord from the places we rented to get our deposit back, most of which will be winging its way to paying for our new washer and fridge.
  2. Go on a weekend city break [0/1]
    Yeah, you'd think that would be easier huh? Although, we're currently considering doing a mini-cruise to Amsterdam. Although you only get one day in Amsterdam, it counts as a weekend break since you spend two nights on the boat (ie away from home) Now all we have to do is book the time off work and then make sure we can afford it. We're planning on going for our anniversary in October.
  3. Buy cushions [0/4]
    Another one which should be simple and isn't. I don't want to buy cushions with covers as I'd like to make my own covers. This is what is taking the time...
  4. Lose weight [0 lb lost - scales battery flat!]
    Okay, strictly speaking I don't know if I've acheived this or not. I will endeavour to go out and buy a battery for the scales so that I can prove whether I am still the same weight or not.
  5. Take up and continue doing weights OR jogging [jogged once]
    The trouble is: I feel like such a muppet running around with my face pinker than my jogging bottoms (which are pink) looking like I'm about to die. I guess it's my own fault for getting to this point of unfitness.
  6. Create and frame a good A3 pastel picture [created]
    Yeah, I have to get around to buying a frame for this, and probably aught to fix the picture too.
  7. Hang UoW T-Shirt somewhere [framed]
    This one is waiting on Leon putting some picture hooks up.
  8. Make a dress [1/1 (Indian Fancy Dress)]
    Woo! A finished one!
  9. Make one of those pretty tops [0.5/1 (disaster, in bin)]
    Yeah, this is likely to remain at 0.5 as the style of top I mean is no longer that trendy, and it's a bit cold for them now anyway.
  10. Go for 24 consecutive hours without Tea [10/24 during move]
    This one is definitely not going to happen
Maybe next year I'll think a little harder about these aims before I commit to them, and pick at least 5 of the 10 to be ones I will achieve!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

13 Days

So, it's 13 days since we stopped drinking.
Actually, it's only been noticeable to me a couple of times, which is good. I was apprehensive about meeting L's workmates without a large white wine to chill me out, but I was fine. Yesterday when work was difficult and annoying I really facnied a glass of wine. However I stuck to the Appletize.
I feel rubbish this morning, but I know that this is because I have a cold and nothing else.

Landlords become amazingly elusive when you move out! We've been trying to get hold of out landlord for quite some time and he doesn't call us back. I dislike the idea of trying to take him to court for my deposit, but I will have to do so if he doesn't sort himself out soon. It's annoying.