Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Something good, something bad.

So, things are looking both up and down at the moment. This may seem to be wrong, but I assure you all that it is not.

We've got an offer on a house, and it looks like we'll actually get said house (looking up)

I didn't get the job I went for (looking down, or at least, less up)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The Good
Last night was Jax's Cowboy and Indian themed party. Drinking was done, some nice cocktails were made and large amounts of pizza were ordered. There was also some chicken but some be-atch ate it all before I got any.

The Bad
Lint got very drunk, as one might expect. So did I actually. At least Lint knows that annoying and controversial aren't always bad characteristics. My appologies if you didn't realise that mate. You don't always annoy me. Oly when you're falling over and making people shout and such. (And when you don't eat eggs, although I hear it wasn't your fault that your non-egg likingness wasn't reported to the kitchen)

The Ugly Jax succeeded in her kiss a girl challenge 3x over. I'm not saying that Jax is ugly, or that kissing Jax is either ugly or bad. Or that the others involved are ugly.
Dammit. This is why I don't go around kissing girls. But anyway, it's under the "ugly" heading because otherwise I'd insult someone else...

Moving on from the film theme, this JB fellow seems okay. I'm not going to pass further comment, but he helped supervise Lint and also was good humoured about all incidents. And he was nice about the breakfast when I'm sure it was probably:
  1. Cold
  2. Not what he (or any other participant) asked for
  3. Not served with much smiling or cheer
  4. Served at lunchtime

Still, it could be worse...

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Blog from a non-single

Having just read This Post (well, some of it) I find myself needing to defend my (and others') relationship-status.
It's quite odd, really, that we (as non-singles) do spend so much time complaining about things that we would never change even if we could. That, my friends, is the difference between the cases. I have been known (no really) to complain about some of Dom's habits, but frankly I love all of them as much as they annoy me! Most of the time I spend hoping that he finds my annoying habits (of which I know there are many) as endearing. The best remedy for complaining non-singles is this: If they complain that MrX always leaves the loo-seat up, ask them this: Would you rather that he left the loo-seat up, or that he just left?
When I was single, I spent much of my time either drunk (no change there) or complaining that I was single. Until one (rare) sober moment when a friend and I sat down and we asked ourselves, why are we being miserable? We're 18 years old, the last thing we need is long term commitment! About four weeks later, I met my long-term-commitment. Maybe it was because I stopped looking. Maybe it was because I looked like lots of fun, because I wasn't just man-hunting. Maybe it was because it was meant to be. Who knows. So I figure, make the most of what you have.
There's no real point in feeling something and hiding it. Unless it would really hurt someone. Something remaining hidden always implies that it is wrong in some way, as though it should be hidden like a sordid secret. I've always been a WYSIWYG kind of girl anyway, and so people generally know how I feel, and about who.
You have to take the chance sometimes in order to get what you need. Sometimes it backfires and you end up stoned against your will in some house you don't recognise calling your ex because there's nobody else you can talk to. Sometimes it means that you end up sitting in your flat alone waiting for the guy you don't fancy to call because at least he pays you the attention everyone craves. Sometimes it means that you make a fool of yourself because the person you're after isn't single after all, or not batting for the team you thought! Worse though, than all of these situations, is to wonder what would have happened.
To quote the Beach Boys (one of Dom's faves)
God only knows what I'd be without you...


So, yes.
Or not, depending on your point of view.
Stuff happens, and not always the way you expect it to.