Thursday, August 31, 2006

Genetically speaking…

I’ve been doing some more of my family research recently. I’ve been chasing down some of the more elusive of my ancestors. I won’t go into detail about the issues I have encountered! I am a little irked, however. I have not yet found an ancestor from outside of the area I grew up in. Some of them come from the next town, which happens to be in the next county…
You see, Gainsborough is on the border of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. It’s also only a small distance away from South Yorkshire. That means that even though my findings seem to span three counties, I'm still pretty much 100% from the same place. I got quite excited when one of the family was born in Wales, only to find out that his family had moved there (from Retford, which is near to Gainsborough) for work, and then moved back to Gainsborough. Darn.
So, I have lots of generations back to the 1700s, but still not really straying from the general area. Still, I have some small problems in that I have bits of the tree which are difficult to trace, like the adoptions and illegitimate births.
I do enjoy getting the certificates in the post though, I ordered my Granny’s birth certificate and my great great grandfather’s marriage certificate to see which of the two girls called Fanny he married. Some of the things that you find out on the marriage certificate are amazing! I am preparing to order another one soon. This one will hopefully provide the break I need to track down my rather elusive great grandfather’s side of the family.
In between doing the bathroom, looking after our hamsters and visiting people!

On a lighter note (?) I’m off to Manchester tomorrow to see my friend Gemma who’s off to Oz soon. Then I’m spending the weekend with my sister in her new flat in Warrington. So we’ll not get much of the bathroom done!
Don’t worry though, we have planned for this with the hamsters! We’re cleaning them out tonight and we’ll top up their food and water before we go. We’re leaving them two water bottles and an extra bowl, though they’ll just hoard all of their food anyway! they should be fine then.

Monday, August 28, 2006

DIY Weekend

Now I feel like a proper grown-up! We've spent this weekend (and will spend several more) doing the bathroom. This is mainly because of the not-very-nice state the bathroom was in. The main issue was that the toilet was wonky and so had to be moved. It also turned out that the outside pipes were also on a kilter. Dad, Leon and some of the time Paul had a go at sorting out these problems. We also had to replace the flooring in the bathroom as the lino was cut around the toilet. I am not sure that I have helped all that much… Mum, Gayle and I went shopping while the boys did some of the DIY. We went into New Look, Little Betty’s and Lakeland. And we’ve spent a small fortune.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Air Water Fire

Last weekend Leon and I went to Elvington Air Show, sort of.
Because we’re stingy, and because one of Leon’s work colleagues lives near to the airbase (ish) we decided to go sit in a field and watch from there.
What we saw of the show was brilliant. Loud planes etc. I have no idea what all the planes were called. There was a big one with four engines, a smaller jet-like thing and some bi-planes among others. We had a little radio to listen in to air traffic control, which was excellent. We also had a kind of picnic, which was good too. Thermos of tea was an excellent choice!
My first complaint about the day was the cycle ride to Leon’s colleague’s house. We had to go down a busy road, which I didn’t like.
My second complaint was that the field we were in had cows in it. I don’t like cows. They followed us and stood near me.
Then it rained on us. The first time was okay, but the second time it was really heavy and was lightening and we were standing in a field with umbrellas. And my bike seat was then wet.
So we cycled back to Leon’s colleague’s to have a barbeque (!) and to dry off before cycling home.
I haven’t cycled much in the last 8-10 years – the last time I did any notable cycling was when I used to cycle to school during my GCSEs back in 1996-1998. I ached in places I didn’t know I had places.
That all said, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would do it again, in slightly better weather if I have the choice!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Interview with a...

So, I had my interview for the job I sort of want.
You see, I find my current job not very challenging. I do way more than the minimum. However, though I want to do more and I want more responsibility and bigger challenges, I don’t want these things at the expense of my non-work-life. I don’t want to have so much on that I can’t do the things I like to outside of work. That said, I would like to be paid enough to do the things I want to do outside of work.
Anyway, there will probably be a post regarding my getting or not getting the job.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I want gadgets. I’m tired of not being able to afford stuff. I know that I don’t need the stuff that I want, which is why I haven’t bought it. Why did apple have to stop making the only nice Ipod? It’s really not on. I don’t like ebay. I wish I had the determination to continue running with no aim. I need to buy wallpaper or plaster for the bathroom. Leon still hasn’t taken the radiator off for me to get rid of that paper. I can’t walk around naked tonight as we have a guest for dinner. We got wine delieverd, and I signed for it in my dressing gown and pink fluffy slippers – the man commented on my nice slippers. I need a hug. I am wearing sexy boots. I have a job interview, but we’ll see how that goes. I like muffins but not when they’re dry. I have got used to tea without sugar. Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve this, sometimes I wonder what I did right. I’m roasting a pork joint, probably with honey mustard coating of some sort. Yum. Can I be bothered to work out tonight before I prepare dinner? Or should I do it in between? Do I have time to bathe? I have the most gorgeous shoes.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Been a While

Yes, I've not posted for a while.
This is mainly because I have been on holiday from work and so I have been busy doing other things.
I have mostly been stripping...
Stripped Bathroom (1) Stripped Bathroom (2)
...the wallpaper from the bathroom walls.
It's actually been quite fun, although I ache a bit in places like my shoulders. We also got to use my parents' steam making gadget to remove the wallpaper, which was fun!
We've also been taming the hamsters, Aston has almost learnt to come out when I call his name. It helps if you have a "fruity bite" for him though! He also likes sunflower seeds, but he's not keen on the chocolate drops. He chews on my nails when I have used my almond nail oil, so I might buy some almonds...
We've also done some shopping. We've bought some bits for the car for when Leon passes his test. We've also bought a travel case for the hamsters (which has been useful for when cleaning them out when there's only one of us in).
The plan with the bathroom is as follows:
  1. remove all wallpaper (almost done)
  2. remove toilet
  3. remove lino
  4. move toilet pipes an inch towards the bath
  5. fill in the big hole
  6. paper the back wall
  7. replace toilet
  8. paper the remaining bare walls
  9. (possibly) paint the paper
  10. put up curtain rail, loo roll holder etc
It's going to take a while!