Friday, December 31, 2004

23 Cool things that I did in my 23rd year!

In no real order...
  1. Got a good Payrise (not likely to happen again, by the looks...)
  2. Got the Star Wars DVD Boxset
  3. Had a fab holiday in Scarborough, proving that British seaside is still cool
  4. Visited Gemma in Manchester, which was fun!
  5. Used an out-of-date railcard, and got away with it!
  6. Saw the best movie of the year: The Incredibles!
  7. Met Terry Pratchett
  8. Went to my first Beatles tribute, sans Dom.
  9. Went to York races in a pink dress and pink hat (quelle surprise)
  10. Learnt how to make dresses (and sucessfully wore two I made)
  11. Tried Thai food
  12. Found out that I actually like olives (!!)
  13. Ate strawberries dipped in a chocolate fountain! Wicked!
  14. Got a deep fat fryer, and fried loads of random things!
  15. Learnt Oh When The Saints on my guitar
  16. Played badminton a little and got back into swimming
  17. Visited Jax in Edinburgh and saw the fringe festival stuff
  18. Moved into a house
  19. Hosted a BBQ
  20. Dressed up in fancy dress 5 times!
  21. Watched Viking Longboat racing outside the flat (where I used to live)
  22. Bought and Built a bed
  23. Black tie dinner at the National Railway Museum - very cool!
And of course, it's my Birthday between 20:25 on New Year's Eve (the day I use as my birthday) amd the same time the following day.

Sunday, December 12, 2004


  1. I must appologise for my appalling spelling in the last post.
    minesterial is spelt ministerial
    irellevant was clearly supposed to be spelled irrelevant
    justace should be written justice
    However, according to my spellchecker "empathise" is wrong. they want a "z" instead of an "s"
  2. I also must disagree with badfriend's comment on the previous post. I also refuse to go any further on the subject at this time.
  3. Lastly, I must appologise for not walking home with Iasonas, Lint and co when the ginger one was in a drunken stupor. I was the only one who was prepared to go near him when he was actually being sick though - so if anyone ever needs looking after while sick by someone who doesn't mind getting sick on them (!) then I'm often around on these occasions (my bad luck really)
  4. And one more thing - stairs are dangerous!

Sunday, December 05, 2004


Recently in the news you may have noticed Mr Blunkett and the various allegations made by his ex-lover.
This is a topic which has annoyed me in a variety of ways.
  • People keep saying that we should not pry into Mr Blunkett's private life, however if he is abusing his minesterial position then it is important for the public to know that.
  • Tony Blair, at the end of the day, is the man who will decide whether Mr Blunkett keeps his job. However, dear Tony has already stated that he believes Blunkett, even without the enquiry. This is not going to lead to a fair judgment on Blair's part.
  • The fact the Blunkett has a child by this lady is actually irellevant.
  • The lady now wished to be kept out of the press, and not go to court, yet she's willing to drag Blunkett's name through the dirt. This is wrong. If you can't take it, lady, don't try to give it out.
  • There is one good thing that may come of this though. The fathers for justace group will have a high-ranking supporter, who will be able to empathise with those poor men who are denied access to their children. (NB. If there is good reason to keep the father away, so be it. But it needs to be a damned good reason!)


I have been asked several times recently - "why do you have a blog?" and "what is a blog for?"

Well, this led to some introspection on my part. Why do I blog? What is the reason for me to publish what is basically a diary on the internet for the world to see? Is it in some vague hope that someone will find it interesting? Perhaps I am looking for someone to be impressed. Is it that I want to share things without having to have conversations about them?

I think, in honesty, that blogging allows me to sound off about things which annoy me, things which I know my friends wouldn't be interested in, and also allows me to consolidate my thoughts on issues which have had some effect on me. Ultimately I don't blog for other people, I blog for myself. (Except the book reviews, of course)

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Xmas Dinner One.

So yes, the first in a line of exciting dinners came and went last night.
We arrived in a blaze of publicity...
Well, we arrived anyway. One of my workmates was hanging around having a cigarette. Nobody took photos.
The food was good. I enjoyed all except the parfait. I didn't know what parfait was or I wouldn't have changed my order from plum pudding. It turns out, for the uninitiated, that parfait is basically blancmange on biscuit. Yuck. The first mouthful made me jidder. Ick! I gave mine to Dom.
The band was crap. I don't mind them playing Tom Jones's classics if they can sing anywhere vaguely near as well as he, but the band we had was poor. They did play some disco/pop music briefly between the band's slots. (Two slots!!!) and also apparantly afterwards. However, I missed the second slot since I was sick of the crappy music.
I did have a nice conversation with one of the young men who works down stairs from me, and who I send information to. He has very blue eyes! We agreed on the Daleks, Alien 3 and Star Trek. He was surprised by how much I had drunk, and the fact I wasn't falling over.
The dress was a success. I didn't reveal myself to the world due to extensive application of tit-tape. For everyone who isn't Pete (who I already told) tit-tape is double sided tape which is safe for use on skin and fabric and will attach clothing to body parts. That's how the stars, and now I, get away with these clothes.
However, despite the band being poor, the night was good. I enjoyed myself, I drank lots without being sick, some random person commented on my dress and some people even noticed my new haircut.
Yes, I finally got around to cutting my hair off. I feel like me again! I will try to post a picture of the new haircut but I will have to take a picture and everything first.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Why is it that when you think stuff is looking better, someone always one-ups you?

Clickety Click

Regarding the sucessful day.
The electric meter clicks. Quite often if the washer/cooker is on. How can I stop it? (Other than sitting in the dark with no heating, no TV and no anything, except possibly the gas fire, which might be dangerous. And the pipes would freeze. And I'd have no clean clothes or cooked food. Or chilled food, for that matter.

I have nails again! Although they too click, at least when I am typing! Grr. But also yey! And I dyed my hair, but nobody noticed. This is good however, since I was going for a natural-brown shade, rather than my usual O-my-God-its-red style shade. I guess I'm either growing up or have a red dress which red hair would clash with - you know me, take your pick.

My First Month End Rant

This month end I am being my boss.
Ok, technically not, I'm being Mr Black's boss. Because he's in Norwich. Not Mr Black, but his boss. My actual boss is here. I have done the work of two people (Myself and Black's boss) but I doubt that I will get any thanks for it. In fact, I think that my actual boss might try to take the credit for the smooth running today himself. He seems to think that I can't think for myself. For example, a program we run requires two inputs. One of these inputs often arrives later than the other, although today they arrived together. I therefore ran the program. My boss thinks that I have not checked this, and therefore that I have run the program wrong. I appreciate that he needs to make sure that the team are producing good quality stuff, that we are not releasing rubbish, but I would have noticed - I've been here over a year, I'm not stupid and I know what I'm doing. I do keep track of what I've done!
I get really frustrated by it because I know I do sometimes make mistakes and they're always waved around to taunt me, but the good work I do is ignored - like today. It's 5:15 and we generally all leave by 5, but I'm stil here and working (bar this) - and I've been doing TWO PEOPLE'S JOBS!!!!
I get the impression that my boss doesn't think much of me or my abilities.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Today Has Been a Successful Day!

  • I have a hairdresser appointment
  • I proved there are no yellow starburst any more
  • I finished both my dresses for the Xmas parties
  • A man changed the electric meter
  • I am still in a good mood!

PTH and stuff since my last post

Since my last post (Memories) I have done a whole bunch of stuff, mostly involving getting drunk in a variety of places and then wishing I didn't at work the next day.
There has also been an announcement about our team, at last. To summarise: not much is changing. The only notable development is that I will be reporting via an extra person to my current "boss" who isn't really that much in charge of anything. I'm not hugely impressed with the time this took as I managed to create the same structure in about 5 minutes on Thursday, so two weeks above the first deadline is pretty pants.

Sunday, November 21, 2004


Today would have been my Nanna's birthday, if she were still with us. It has been just over 5 years since she died. I realised this fact yesterday, which seems so odd. It's not like it's been that long, I still vividly remember seeing her, the last time we did. I remember the fun things more though, because she was very sick when I last saw her.
She was an excellent Nanna. She used to be very good fun. I regret not talking to her more, even though she lived with us. I would have liked to know so much more that I didn't ask. I also regret never telling her I loved her. I know that she must have known, but it wasn't something that was done in our house then. I think we've all learned from that because we do tend to be a lot more open with one another.
You wouldn't think that five years on I would miss her so much.
I used to come home from school and make a cup of tea for us both, then go and sit with her and chat for a while, tell her about my day. We'd usually watch some rubbish telly before dinner...
Well anyway, I just wanted everyone to know how fantastic she was, and that I miss her. I'm sure she's watching over me somehow and that she knows these things too.
Nanna and Iky

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Judgement day comes... and goes

So, judgement was not passed. No information has been gleaned. We know nothing. It's pants really - we have no idea what we'll be doing in the next three months - heck, I don't think we know what we'll be doing in the next three weeks! I feel very much kept in the dark, although that does seem to be the way this team is managed. I am amazed that the whole rest of the business seems to have sorted out whom is what; but somehow our team has been left out of the process. Maybe they've decided to outsource the whole team to Sri-Lanka and they just haven't finalised who will be going over there to show them what we know? Maybe they're just putting off the inevitable that way. Who knows? I suppose that we can say we have jobs for now, but it could be as early as tomorrow when they come to us and say actually..
Anyway, I suppose I have to just keep my fingers crossed, and try to make myself feel better knowing that there is some vague hope of promotion somewhere in the mess that is the organisation (or not) of this team.

I did 25 continuous minutes of DDR last night; No breaks. On Saturday when I did it I had to have a break after every song. I do enjoy DDR (That's Dance-Dance-Revolution, now called Dancing Stage Party Mix and other variations). I particularly like the track called "End of the Century" which has 4 feet on level one. It also has some Kylie and Cardigans, among other things. It's pretty cool. You can put a calorie counter on it, which you set with your age and weight and stuff, although I don't remember when I last updated mine! Anyway, I burned 180kcal it claimed.

I'm not getting very far with my current book; The Mill on the Floss. There are claims that the Floss is based on the Trent, and that one of the towns in the book is based on my hometown of Gainsborough. I will continue to try to read it!

Friday, November 12, 2004

Dressmaking Frenzy!

So, I've bought the material for my dress for the "Xmas Dinner 1" at the racecourse. I'm making a full length dress in a gold colour. It's going to have a cowl neck and slits up the sides of the legs. Hopefully it will look good. I'm also making a shorter dress for the Department's Christmas party. I'm going to make it out of red velour (stretchy velvet) and I also have created my own design for that (inspired by a Nicole Kidman Oscars dress) I also have other things to organise for both of these events. I have false nails to get done. In the past I have had these done professionally or used "stick ons". I have also used a home-gel kit from Rio, which was quite good but not as hard-wearing as I need. I'm generally clumsy and my nails are always breaking. So I've bought an acrylic kit instead. It's only a basic one, it doesn't have perfect French nails or anything. However it's hopefully going to make nice (shortish) nails for me for these parties. I'm going to paint my nails either coffee or gold coloured, depending on which goes better with the dress. For the Department do I'll probably do them red (which I'll have to buy) and then get Dom to paint something simple on them in black or silver - or both! Or maybe buy some of the little nail art things you can get that you stick on.
Well, I'm sure you're all bored to death of my uninteresting blather here, so I'll stop.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Armistice Day

Today was Armistice Day. NOT Poppy Day, thank you dumbass breakfast presenter.
So, today at 11am I sat and thought about all the brave men and women who have fought for this country (and others) for freedom, or peace, or for what they believe in.
My main thought was that perhaps if more people sat and thought about this and less people were fighting then we wouldn't be in such a position. I dislike war. People shouldn't have to die to make something change.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Lack of excercise

Oh dear, this week has been a dead loss as far as excercising goes. It all began last Wednesday. Jimbobjo and I turned up at the badminton court, but alas there were none free. Once Dom arrived we decided to comiserate by going to the pub. Then, Tuesday I usually go for a swim. This was also thwarted by the pool being shut. They had a failiure in their emergency backup lights, or something. So no swimming there, although an hours worth of walking which has to count for something. Then last night we went again for badminton and again were thwarted. The courts were again busy. It looks like I may have to go on Monday next week with all the scary-people-I-don't-know-who-are-actuaries-and-are-competitive-about-badminton. Still, at least I'll get some excercise that way. I will have to put on a brave face while these people laugh at my flabby legs and useless technique.

Cyclists are the bane of my life

Okay, so that's probably a bit extreme, but they do annoy me rather a lot. Here in York it is quite cycle-friendly, there are lots of cycle paths and the like. I like this - I commend the people who are paid to do this for having done an okay job. However...
I walk home by the river - it's a nice walk, if it wasn't for the cyclists. They tear down the path (usually on their side, but not always) at a ridiculous speed, sometimes spraying mud in their wake, often without announcing their presence. Some of them have bells fitted on their bike. This is good, but ringing the bell will not always make pedestrains move, especially if the cyclist is on the FOOTpath.
Then some of the cyclists are just ignorant. They don't seem to understand that if I am standing on the footpath (waiting for Dom) then I don't actually have to move if they want to go around me. But in order to cut off the corner, many cyclists seem to think that they have the right to go through me. Ra!
I had to move switftly out of the way of two cyclists last night who seemed determined to knock me over or at least run over my feet. If they were going at a sensible speed they wouldn't have to take such a wide line. Then there are the cyclists who blatantly don't understand the barriers by the bridge. The barriers don't actually overlap like they're supposed to, but they are nonetheless dismount barriers, designed to make cyclists dismount. This is so that they don't run people coming off the footbridge over. I didn't see any cyclists dismount there, even those going onto the bridge whizzed through!
It's dangerous.
Then, Dom and I walked to the swiming baths over the Stray. This is a big field out the back of my estate. There are anti-cyclist (and anti-cattle) gates on the Stray. However, as we stepped onto the slightly muddy grass we found that there was just a quagmire of cycle-tracks. How annoying! We came back a different way. Which also meant not treading in the vastly spread cow-pats which the cyclists cycle through!
And then, after all that the Swimming baths were shut due to a fault in their emergency lighting!
So we walked all that way, and I got cross, for nothing.
At least we didn't see any cows.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Blog blog blog blog

I tried posting a political blog a couple of days ago and it wouldn't go. I've taken this to mean that my bizarre political views, which often tend to the extreme, should not be posted on my blog - not at the moment anyway.
So, onto something more entertaining: What's coming up section of my blog! As you can see to the right of the screen there is now a "coming soon" section on my blog. If anyone can tell me how to implement and update this without having to change my template every time I'd appreciate it. Thank you!

Sunday, November 07, 2004


Woo hoo! Britney's greatest hits. PLEEEEEASE someone buy me it for Xmas/birthday (hint hint)

Buffy Hallowe'en Photo

As I only had one photo left on my camera, I only got this one picture. Please can anyone else who took photos either mail me a CD with them on, give me a CD with them on, or lend me the photos to scan? Thanks.

The above is me as Evil Vampire Willow and Dom as Spike - in case you couldn't tell!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

A week

This week has certainly been one.
So, how's stuff with me? Well, aside of being dissapointed (but not surprised) byt the election over the pond...
My back/coccyx is much improved - I can sleep the whole night now, and sit on most surfaces (although wooden benches still a no-no)
I'm feeling very poor too, cash wise. But then, that's about normal for me. I've started doing a jigsaw puzzle, which is quite fun, although it's probably the most complicated puzzle in the world! It has 5 dalmation puppies with a background of flowers and grass. There are basically 4 pieces! Well, no, there are 500 pieces, but they all look the same. Still, I've completed it before and this time when it's done I'm going to frame it. That'll be good. And it's a really nice picture, and means I'll be able to move one of the buffy ones back upstairs hopefully. Not that I didlike Buffy and Willow - quite the contrary, but I do feel much fatter when they're hanging on the wall for Dom to drool over. I'm quite sure that he doesn't mean for me to feel bad when he likes these celebrities (in fact he's convinced I look like Alyson Hannigan anyway - see below) but I feel distinctly inadequate sometimes. Ok - so I like some celeb men too - But mostly he's better looking than they are anyway. I guess it probably works both ways because I think that he might feel like he should be more like Colin Firth (or whoever is current flavour) but...
So here's a nice pic of me, and one of Alyson Hannigan - what do you think?

Thursday, November 04, 2004


who knows?It all looks reminiscent of 2000, with one obvious difference: Kerry and Edwardshaven't given upyet. And good on them too. I'm not convinced our system in the UK is any better,but at least hereall votes are counted! It's an interesting system, the seats thing. I think thata similar thinghappens in the UK, but different. We devide our voters into equal numbers, ish.I dunno! At leastone thing is clear, the Washington Redskins are not a good way of predictingpresidential elections- or are they? We may have to wait for 10 days to find out!
And then we don't because Kerry can do maths. Oh well - could be worse I'm sure (!?)
Congratulations to a nation who obviously don't care how they're viewed by the rest of the world, well done on re-electing a man intent on turning the whole world into a slave of America. Now I just have to hope that England won't be so stupid as to re-elect the man who so blindly follows...

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Hallowe'en

Happy Hallowe'en everyone!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Happy (late) Birthday to my Sibling

Spent the weekend in Chester with my sister. It was her birthday on Sunday and so we took her prezzie (a coffee maker) to her. She liked it, and also seemed to enjoy the shopping. We went all round the Arndale Centre and then around Primark (didn't spend as much as last time) and then we got on a bus to the Trafford Centre. It was quite big, good fun. Didn't buy much there either. Had a good time wandering about and taking the mickey sometimes. We got into Chester quite late and checked into the hotel there. We went to Franky and Benny's for food, which wasvery nice. We also had cocktails. The hotel was nice enough, but the beds were horrible! They were soooo soft! Leondidn't sleep well, and my back was worse after I slept than before. I maybe should have had a shower (there wasn't a bath) to loosen my muscles! Then we wandered around Chester, bought a few more things for Leon's costume. I bought a hat in New Look. I tried to buy some jeans but there were none that weren't hipsters. We had no problems with the trains amazingly, and got back to York just before 7pm. Enough time to watch some weird stuff on TV, call my parents and have dinner. Not enough time for a bath as well though. I may do that tomorrow. I'll have to wash myhair again so that I can style it in the correct way for the costume. Woo! And I still have to finish my costume. It needs a bit of fixing and needs the lacings attaching. I also have to paint my nails, dom's nails, do my makeup, powder both of us to make us white, sort out the teeth, do my hair - it's going to be mad! Better start early I guess!

Monday, October 25, 2004


Yes, the river is flooded. This would not be of any concern to me, I thought, living in my new house. However, I have been proved sadly wrong. I walk to work by the river, you see, and the bit I walk down has been flooded to the point that I can not walk down it. This is disappointing. I had to walk down the road this morning. I don't like it. It's noisy, smelly and scary. I prefer the river. It put me in a less good mood this morning when I came in. A couple of weeks ago I had a go at badminton. I didn't think I was very good, but I enjoyed playing. Even despite the aches afterwards I thought I'd play again. However, this hasn't gone to plan. You see, when I fell down the stairs I hurt my back, and I don't think that I'll be rejoining the badminton arena seriously for a while. I intend to go next week though so that I can at least have a little bit of a knockabout. I'll be swimming tomorrow though, that should help (hopefully) some of the soreness in my muscles to get better. It might not - it might just make me feel really bad!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Mummy and Daddy

My Mum and Dad visited today with a small but very fab gift of Belgian Choccies from Brugge (that's Bruges in English apparantly) where they went a short while ago. We had a nice lunch, mostly cooked by Dom, who did a darned good job of it! We also had a nice dinner, although microwaving camembert to make it melt doesn't work. Ho hum. They also brought a selection of random computer things with them (including a 12 port router) which they want me to sell to someone. I don't know what the other thing is... And my back is feeling better, although my coccyx is still very sore!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

New Blog

As I feel that I have gained more weight that I should (and in fact more than I thought) I have set up a diet-blog to track my progress at stopping being fat. You can find this blog at: Tsuki's Diet Blog I intend to be less fat in a while.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Darn it all!

So, we've had our meetings about where we see ourselves in the new structure. Really, it's pointless. I'm sure that whatever my preference is, they already know where they want to put me. I would like to get promoted into a more senior role, but I can't see that happening. It's not because I don't think I am capable of taking a more responsible role - I think I am. I know that I've only been here for just over a year, and that it's very ambitious of me to want promotion at this stage; but the team needs people, who know what's going on, in these roles. It's all a bit silly really! I know that I want promotion. I think that it is clear to people who I report to that I want promotion. I know that I can do it, although it might be hard work. I like to be pushed, I like work to challenge me, not to stifle me! But, like I say, it's not to do with common sense. It's also not about promotion. We're to be "slotted in" to a variety of positions, which supposedly correspond to our current positions. Hmm, well - we'll see. It's just confusing in a lot of aspects, and isn't really helping the climate of distrust that we certainly have in this office. Speaking of climate in the office, there are some team members who are always needlessly critical of everything. Ranging from the fact that I'm not smiling much today (because I'm in pain from my fall - you wouldn't be smiling either!) to what the weather is doing, to what's in the top ten, to what the boss is wearing today. It's madness! Why can't he just grow up and accept that sometimes stuff is poor, sometimes it's not. Just give people the benefit of the doubt from time to time! Please! It's not like anyone is forcing him to be here! Another climate related issue is the air-conditioning. It's ALWAYS very cold over in my part of the office (not least because of the chilly attitudes of some people) and when I complained the guy who came to look did pretty much nothing about it. Apparently all offices have "hot spots" and "cold spots" and unfortunately I sit in one of the cold spots. WHY!? If the climate people were doing their jobs properly there would be an even temperature all across the office, and nobody would be too hot and nobody would be too cold! Grr. So, I realise at this point that I haven't mentioned anything about my fall on my blog. Yes, I fell down the stairs again. This time it was the attic stairs. I put my heel on the step, but it slipped and I slammed down about 3 steps on my bottom and my back. I knocked the wind out of myself (ie ceased to be able to breathe due to no air in lungs) and also scared myself! So, after an amusing moment involving a bowl, which I wont go into, and a phone-call to "NHS direct" I was sitting in just my dressing gown waiting for an ambulance. So I sent Dom a-running around for some clothes. Then, dressed in my sister's old jogging bottoms (only 2 sizes too big) and a "Mr Lazy" T-shirt, I was helped into an ambulance by two pleasant gentlemen who were very nice. I discovered that I have a healthy pulse rate of about 60bpm. Then the ambulance man put the flashers and sirens on so that we could get through the 9am traffic! Woo! We arrived at the hospital, and a cute paramedic helped the two I already had with me, plus a nurse, to move me off the trolley onto a bed. The nurse then took my blood pressure and measured my blood-oxygen levels. She rushed off in such a hurry that she forgot to turn off the auto-blood-pressure-machine. It blew up the pressure collar so much that I thought it was going to explode! Dom turned it off though. Phew! Then the nurse came back with cocodomol. About fifteen minutes later a doctor turned up. She poked and prodded me in a number of places, including the bottom of my coccyx, which is rather close to other places you wouldn’t want to be prodded for comfort! She deduced that there was nothing broken. She was concerned about my sore ribs at the back, but we concluded that I must have hit my back on the steps on the way down. Nice. So she went away. Fifteen minutes or so after that a nurse came through, asked if the painkillers had kicked in and then scooted me off the bed. When it was shown that I could walk around without keeling over, they said I could go home. We called a cab. Almost £6 later, and a good 20 minutes or so, we were back home. That was Tuesday. It's Friday now and I still ache, but at least I'm not broken. I'm going to take more care on the stairs. And probably buy a bungalow when I have an actual house of my own. One floor is definitely the way to go. Stairs-free, that's the kind of house I want. A ramp would be acceptable, if I were to have an upstairs I'd want a ramp rather than stairs I think. That would be sooooo cool! :D So there we are.
But I'm fine now.
Well, I'm still in pain, but I'm ok.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Blah blah blah

Well, hasn't it been a long time?

Well, life goes on. I went to see Terry Pratchett at his signing in Borders on the 8th of October. I thought it was going to be cooler than it was. I guess the guy has to meet thousands of crazy people from everywhere - even Manchester apparantly! But even so, I was third in the queue! If I'm ever a sucessful author I'll be nice to people who want my books signed. Not that he wasn't nice, but he could have been nicer.

Went to the swimming baths last Tuesday (for the second time) and I'm going again on Tuesday. It's going to be a Tuesday thing. I'm enjoying it, and hopefully it will allow me to become less fat. I have to lose weight (or mass, as many physics teachers would oh-so-amusingly point out) IMHO. I don't mind being bigger than I uesd to be:
very thin
As you can see I was too thin back then. Still, I prefered how I was in more recent times, while now I just feel fat. It's amazing how much of an impact that can have on your life! I suppose there are many many bigger (excuse the pun) things I could worry about, but...

Oh well. At least I still have a job, for now!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Dom and I have been together for 3 years today - or maybe 3 years on the 14th. We generally can't agree because we tend to have different ideas as to what counts. I'm coming round to thinking that the 14th is better... Basically I nearly got Dom's number on the Friday night outside the club, but I decided I wanted him to have my number but he didn't have his phone. Fortunately I had his friend/housemate's number (which his friend had given to my friend) and so I texted the friend to get Dom's number. When I did get the number I then messaged Dom to invite him to the cinema. Fortunately he came to the pictures, on the 14th, and that's where it all began!

Friday, October 01, 2004

Being nice

I've been, recently, trying at work not to say/think anything mean about people. I failed miserably today when faced with a certain dour person who insists on saying mean things himself. Is it more mean to ignore comments like that? Is that then mean to the mean person? Is it still mean if they're mean? People sometimes say things which have a profound effect on the life of the person they are said about. Usually a thoughtless, throwaway comment too. I'm trying to think about these things before I say them. Bad enough I should think them, but even I'm not perfect ;)

Friday, September 24, 2004


This week I have been cross at BT, I've been irritated by work and I've been tired the whole time. And still, it reaches Friday and I feel mellow.

So mellow in fact that I'm not even going to publish a rebuttal to Dom's Star Wars Trilogy Box Set complaints. I see his point of view. I don't agree in all counts.

I think I'm mellowing in my old age...

Mellow? Me? I think not. I'm just dissapointed that I can't find the Star Wars theme as a ringtone for my phone! Raa!

Oh, and some total [expletives deleted] keeps sending me messages on my phone. I don't even know this dick and he calls me gay! What a t1t!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Force is with you, Young Skywalker, But you are not a Jedi yet...

On a big, happy, smiley, rant-free note:
Dom bought me the Star Wars Trilogy Box Set on DVD on Monday. Well, he bought it before that, but I got it then coz it hadn't been released before that.
I'm VERY happily enjoying it now.

And I am a Jedi, my badge says so.

Standards are Slipping

This morning on the way to work I had the bad luck to be walking behind an illiterate mother and her child. She was explaining to her child that he was going to chess club. Fair enough, you may say. She declared, "Someone's got to go because I want somebody to win that child!" WOW! I thought to myself, the prize for winning is a child - excellent. I realised, however, that the woman meant that she wanted to see somone beat that child at chess. Stupid people! I really get cross when people don't understand the difference between words like "win" and "beat"

One can win a race (by coming first) or win a prize (like in a tombola) but one cannot win ones opponent, one must beat ones opponent in order to win.

Other such things annoy me though, such as the general inability to differentiate between borrow and lend. eg. May I lend your scissors? If someone asks me this I generally reply, "OK, who would you like to lend them to?" which tends to result in blank looks and confusion on the part of the person whom I assume would like to borrow my scissors.

Of course then there's "can" and "may" which everyone has been told in English class. You say "Can I go to the toilet" and the teacher says "I'm sure you can" so you get up to go but then the teacher says "Where are you going?" leading to confusion, and finally realisation that you should have said "May I go to the toilet" since you were asking permission, not asking whether it is possible. Irritating when you're busting for the loo, but still a fair point.

Ok, I may sound like a pedant, but really it's annoying. Which reminds me...

The shop at the bottom of my street does excellent breakfasts. However, the sign in their windows says:
"Now open Sunday's"
I'm sure you can see the problem here. What thing belonging to Sunday must I open immediately? I thought, before realising that they meant that their fine establishment would now be serving food on a Sunday. There are many many applications for the apostrophe, but that is NOT one of them. Further examples of this ineptitude can be found on the intranet for this company. "CD's for sale" proclaims the sales page. Just one CD is for sale? No, there is a collection. NO NO NO NO NO! It's distressing to see. I can't allow myself to buy something from such an illiterate!

I came across the following on our news-feed:
Shortly after the state-of-the-art Virgin Pendolino train hurtled along the track to reach Manchester from London in just one hour and 53 minutes, overhead power cables snapped, causing chaos on the West Coast main line. One of the worst groups affected were around 60 Manchester United fans who boarded the First North Western 18.51 service from Hazel Grove, which was scheduled to arrive at Old Trafford stadium at 19.35. But just minutes after the service departed Stockport station it ground to an all-too familiar halt. Passengers ended up trapped on the train for three-and-a-half hours until they were escorted off and marched down the track in the dark by British Transport Police.

While I know that football fans can be annoying, I think that they meant to say: "...One of the groups worst affected were around 60 Manchester United fans..."


Sunday, September 12, 2004

Foot Update

For anyone who ever hurts themselves by falling down the stairs:
  • Avoid falling down the stairs - it hurts.
  • If you do, do go to A&E (or ER in US)
  • When it feels healed, IT ISN'T!
  • Don't walk on it without a support for the first time when you go on a shopping trip
  • Do keep it raised
  • Do the excercises in the booklet
    So yes, I made the mistake of going into town without strapping on my foot and it has been very painful all day. It will get better as time goes on but I am bored of waiting for it to be ok! I want to wear my heels again! This is as bad as the time I sprained my ankle falling off my heels (which didn't need a trip to A&E as I was at a first aid training class!)
  • Sundays

    Today we had an amusing moment when Dom broke the toilet seat. Well, I was amused. Then we were both surprised at how little one can buy a nice new wooden toilet seat from, and actually all wood, not plyboard nastiness like our chest of drawers...

    So, thanks are again owed to Chip who turned up in town at the drop of a hat (metaphorically of course) to gather me and my bad foot, Dom, a loo-seat, some lamps which I was going to assemble this evening and now haven't coz I got lazy and watched telly, and a 5 drawer chest.

    Alas, I'm all alone in the house again. I'm okay, until I go upstairs, then I get totally paranoid about every little sound I hear. At the current moment I am armed with my sewing scissors and have access to no less than 3 phones in case of an emergency! That said, I know that both the front and back door are locked, and that the house is almost burgle-proof as Dom, myself and my family had to discover previously.

    I have noticed, also, that I don't rant much on my blog at the moment. I believe that this is because I am exposed to less irritating things when I am not at work. I don't mean by this that Mr Black is irritating, but that more annoying (or plain stupid) things happen while I am in work.

    Speaking of work I am looking forward to hearing about the entertainment that is a week without any of my team in there, except for the new-boy who will not be able to do anything. I'm sure that B will take over and do everything, although that's really not sensible. It will all be okay, and then I will return and K after that to pick up the mess. I expect to have to spend a short while deleting all the emails that people send me regardless of the fact I'm not there, it's an unwritten rule that if someone has an away message you should send them pointless cr@p.

    Saturday, September 11, 2004

    holidays and pies

    Firstly I should begin by saying "Bye bye Bertie" as he is off to Glasgi. Hope it's nice up there for you and that you like your job etc. :)

    Now, holidays. I took 2 weeks off work with the intention of going away somewhere on holiday. Unfortunately it has not panned out this way, and we are looking at possibly 4 days BnB in Scarborough. Which although nice, isn't ideal for British Septembers. Oh well, we'll have fun regardless, which is the main thing really.

    And more dissapointment today. I went with Dom and Lint to the "Pork Pie Festival" which it turned out was sold out last week. :( so I came home and ordered pizza. :)

    Last note, tomorrow Dom and I are going to the Elvington/Yorkshire air museum to look at aeroplanes. And probably photograph them. And then maybe put one on a t-shirt for Dom. That or a car. Who knows?

    Oh - One final thing...
    You don't think of things like needing radiator hangars for drying clothes when you have a tumble dryer, but then whe you move somewhere without one you realise how valuable they could be.

    Oh, and also...
    Parents drop the finest info on you! They're getting Dom a really funky prezzie for Xmas, but are then using this fact to bribe me into inviting them over for Xmas dinner! EEEEK! Me cooking for actual people rather than just me and Dom!

    Tuesday, September 07, 2004


    So, the house-warming barbeque went well. Everyone seemed to have a good time, although I was concerned that some people didn't have enough to eat. Unfortunately, the evening went awry for myself when I threw myself down the stairs. It hurt. A lot. More than when I trapped my fingers in the 6th form door. $h17! I thought. Shouldn't hurt like that. So I screamed a bit, Leon brought me peas (frozen) for the ankle-foot area. Thought it'd be ok, but stopped drinking. Mistake. The pain got worse. By the time people were leaving I was unable to put any pressure on my foot and it hurt when I wasn't moving. So Chip, whom I am now greatly indebted, went home, fetched his car, came back and drove me to the A&E. They were wonderful there, I've never met such a pleasant nurse. She didn't hurt me while checking what was wrong and also gave me 1000mg of Cocodomol (codine and paracetomol) for the pain. Nice lady. The x-ray woman was a bit surly, but you would be if you were stuck in a dark room with broken people. Then the x-rays looked ok, the nurse told me that it wasn't broken (phew - that would have ruined our holiday plans!) and that it was just a severe sprain. Up to 3 months for full recovery. And must walk on it. Joy. So, I have more drugs at home now, as it throbs quite a bit. Mostly it goes really stiff when I don't use it, then it hurts when I walk. However, I seem to both be able to put some weight on it for a short while, or my full weight for a second or two. Good progress methinks. Still hurts when I'm doing nothing though. More drugs needed I think. At least it's not serious. :D So, yes. Thanks to Chip for the lift and to H for the alcoholic jelly and the calm head. Thanks to L for just not panicking, and being there. Thanks to Lint for his astute remarks at the time, and to J (haven't picked up who you are online yet :( sorry) for being so sweet.

    Friday, September 03, 2004


    Also, despite the rant, I have a chair. Actually, ranting or no, I'd still have a chair. Ok, technically it's not for computing, it's for fishing... I don't fish. Hardly even for compliments! But yes, seating so that my knees don't die. My typing is still appalling though - I think I've deleted more than half of the letters I've typed, and opened severla menus - I should go to bed or something - I'm sooooooo tired... Tuesday the bed comes...

    Mobile fun

    I didn't realise how expensive my mobile phone was going to be. I currently have a £15 tariff. The cheapest new tariff I can sign up to is £20, and it's nowhere near as good as the one I currently use. I currently get 500 free off-peak landline/O2 minutes, and 25xnet minutes. The new one is only 300 off-peak minutes! It's pants! The prices are just going up and up! Even if I switch networks all I can get is pants stuff, or stuff that costs a darned fortune! I hate this sort of thing! At least with something like chocolate I know what I'm paying for - ok so the price of chocolate has gone up 5p in 3 years, but who cares, it's value for money!! OK, rant over.

    Thursday, September 02, 2004

    New House

    Yey! So on Friday we spent our first night in our new house! Woo!
    So, now every room has boxes in it, there's dust almost everywhere, nothing has a home, and my bed may not be here for two more weeks! However, I'm liking it muchly! The only real thing I'm having to get used to is walking to work for 20mins instead of less than 5!
    I also don't have a chair for my computer desk yet, or much other furniture. I do have a three piece though!
    Argh! my leg is going dead - will add to my blog when I have a chair!

    Friday, August 20, 2004


    Grr! Generally! So, yes. Things not generally making me smile today. The estate agents rang my house phone, while I'm at work, where they know I work and have my number... So, then they email me, at work (!) to tell me that they couldn't get hold of me at home. Oh, and to call them. I didn't have their number, I had to hunt for it. So I call them. The woman there is an idiot! Here's basically what happened: Me - Hello, I'm returning a call from [agents]
    Her - Which one?
    Me - I don't know, the one who called me...
    Her - What about?
    Me - [my new address]
    Her - Why, what's wrong with it?
    Me - Nothing, I wan't to move in on Friday
    Her - Have your references been cleared?
    Me - Yes
    Her - Then you need to make an appointment to collect the keys
    Me - Yes, that's what I'm trying to do
    Her- Oh. Ok, what day do you want to move
    Me - Friday the 27th, that's next Friday.
    Her - Ok, and what time would be best for you?
    Me - Um, can you do after four?
    Her - No, we only do ten 'til four
    Me - Oh, ok. How about 12:30?
    Her - No, we don't do lunchtimes
    Me - Well, when can you do?
    Her - Someone's booked in at two
    Me - Ok, so not two
    Her - How about ten am?
    Me - Ok, I'll have to check with work, but that should be ok...
    So, now I'm taking the morning off work to do that. Joy oh joy.

    Monday, August 16, 2004

    Fringes, Lenses and such.

    I've spent this weekend (Friday to Monday) in Edinburgh. We went to see "Garden of Fools" which was a play with L's brother in it. It was very good. Quite humorous in places, and also thought-provoking. We saw a few other things too, all comedies I believe. We also went to see something called a "camera obscura" which is a big lens thingy that you can use to spy on people all over the city, but also to have a tour of all of Edinburgh in 15 minutes! We also visited the recently departed J in her new flat. It's a nice flat, in a smashing sea-side location with stunning sea-views. J's settling in, although I think she could probably be enjoying work a little more. Well, I'm off to watch 50 ways to look great naked! Nighty night!

    Wednesday, August 11, 2004


    So, flooded again in York. I didn't really expect it to flood in August I must say. Still, it's interesting to see. The river's been going quite quickly, and there's stuff in it, like branches and small logs! There's more rain forecast for tonight, and so I expect that the river will keep rising. I have no idea whether it will het higher than it did in February this year. I have a cool article from my parent's newspaper of the building my flat is in with my flat being at water level almost! It's more exciting than scary this time, but the first time was a touch on the worrying side! Still, they're used to flooding here, so the York-people take it in their stride! The King's Arms (On the opposite side of the river from my flat, famous for being flooded) is still open despite the water! It's cool really. I like the river, even when it's all brown and stuff. I wonder if the river back home is flooded too? The Trent rarely goes over into the town now, although Morton was flooded in 2002 because the defences there weren't as good. I think that they upgraded them after that though. Anyway, floods and such. Interesting. I could probably go on for hours about whether global warming is happening or not, but I won't coz it would be boring! Have a good evening all, and don't get your feet wet!

    Tuesday, August 10, 2004


    Until we have the ability to give life to those who deserve to live, what right do we have to take life from those we judge deserving of death?


    What's wrong with our leaders? Why do they fight? Is it for them to say which system is right? This leader is a tyrant He's scary and bold He thinks so little of those men, dead, now cold So many have died, It's plain to see The leader in the wrong here is George.W.B. Could Tony have stopped him? He at least could have tried, Now it's too late for The many who've died We are all guilty of saying but naught and we should be saddened and take them to court Children are dying Our world is in shreds We can trust just no-one Not the police or the Feds America is leading us To where I daren't ask But I can see this We haven't learnt from the past Can they not see Death has no place In living as we should As a civillised race We have this in common If you prick us we bleed nothing can change it so ignore the other's creed When you look at Mandela Or at Churchill or a king Do you see a great leader Or the colour of their skin? Liberating Iraquis? Freeing their souls? But no, they're not free now fear in heart and home Just another tyrant now holds their reins And scared as they are now it's not going to change People of America! England and Spain! be ashamed of your leaders Stop death in our name War is not needed It must now be true I couldn't kill an innocent Now think, could you?

    Monday, August 09, 2004

    Fahrenheit 9/11

    I went to see this movie, this evening with L. I find my emotions varying from increduality to shock, dismay to horror. I sat up in 2001 when Florida declared Al Gore president, and then tuned out thinking that everything was going to be fine. When I saw on the news that they had changed their minds I was surprised, shocked and then resigned to the fact. I watched the recounts come in, I watched the truth getting lost. Why do I care? You may ask. I care because of two reasons really. One reason is that, like it or not, America is the biggest power in the world right now, and anything done in the name of America can not help but affect us too. The other reason is that I have family in America. I have one cousin who is old enough to be drafted and an Uncle who is ex-army. If you know the way in which conscription works, should it ever happen there, then you will know why I'm glad they have surnames beginning with 'H'. The Micheal Moore film hasn't made me question our government much more than I already was. It's more than just the war here. But it did make me wonder, did our government know all the things Bush's governments knew? Did 'Tony' know that there was no link between Iraq and Al Q'aida? I shudder at the thought, but I think he probably did. I am both worried and saddened by this thought. It saddens me also to think that I believe that the other leaders must have had some idea, must have known something. The one man in our country who dared speak out against the "intelligence" is now dead. I hope Moore has good bodyguards! I believe that people want peace and democracy. I don't think many people know how to exist in a truly fair world though - if you are equal to everyone, who is in charge. A (mis)quote of the much maligned Iron Lady (I think): "We are all equal, some of us are just more equal than others" And a better mis-quote which I also happen to agree with, "The only person fit to rule the universe is the one man who doesn't want to" (D.Adams) I know it's mis quoted, but I've got the meaning here. So, my closing point: I hope that J.Kerry and J.Edwards can win the next election, and that their rightful victory will not be snatched from them by media manipulation. And I hope that Kerry will be able to make Blair (or whoever by then) see sense, and that this whole fiasco will be fixed. Withdrawing from Iraq is not the answer there any more than sending troops in in the first place was. But something needs to be done. I don't pretend to know what, but something. If I were religious, I would say "God help us", but I'm not convinced that any God out there could, even if s/he existed and wanted to. We've got ourselves into the state that we're in - I just have to hope we can get ourselves out of it before we have an all-out religious war on our hands. If you have a God, pray to him/her that they can help us see sense. If you don't then you should watch this film. But shut your eyes during the beheading - it's going to give me nightmares. I challenge you to see it and not be moved in some way.

    Sunday, August 08, 2004

    Broken Bones

    It has been pointed out to me, in the past, that I break a lot. I wasn't entirely sure that this was the case until I listed the things I have done which have resulted in breakage or trips to A&E. Said list follows:
  • Age 2 - fell down stairs, broke arm
  • Age 3 - fell off a step, broke leg
  • Age 8 - trapped fingers in boys-toilet door, broke 3 fingers
  • Age 10 - hit with a cricket bat, minor crack in skull, scarred eyebrow
  • Age 10 - fell off swing, knocked myself out
  • Age 11 - hit with hockey stick, broke 2 fingers
  • Age 14 - fat girl put chair on my toes, broke 3 toes
  • Age 16 - kicked radiator, broke 2 toes
  • Age 16 - snapped knuckle on basketball
  • Age 17 - trapped fingers in door - broke finger
  • Age 17 - fell off platform boots, severe sprained wrist
  • Age 18 - dancing incident, sprained wrist again
  • Age 20 - toe trapped in dodgems surface, broke toe
  • No incidents to report since (touch wood)

    The joys of moving

    So, this morning I dragged myself (well, L coaxed me) out of bed for my tea, and then frenzied (!!) tidying of the flat for the arrival of the landlord, coming to check out a sporadic leak we have in the bathroom. At just after 10am the landlord called to say he wouldn't be coming til tomorrow. Fab. Managed to get to the estate agents to prove that I live here (using my payslip!) and even went to Subway again. Subway, yes. They didn't cut the bread right again. They didn't have the chicken tikka that I wanted. They didn't have the bread that I wanted. The sauce girl was stingey and the person cutting the sandwich split it into a 4 and an 8 inch sandwich - not helpful if you're sharing with someone. The cookies were excellent though! IKEA! L sugested that we looked on the IKEA website and tried to order a catalogue. apparantly we'd have to pay to have a catalogue delivered, so we decided to look online. In the near future I want to buy a bed, some shelving, some clothes storage and possibly some other stuff. All we found in IKEA was a £2.50 lamp we quite liked. Oh and a plate. Otherwise, not much to report. Been a fairly uneventful day. Nothing has particularly ticked me off - yet.

    Saturday, August 07, 2004

    Friday Night

    Yes, it's Friday! Woo! I'm being annoyed at my webserver again at the moment, it's very very slow. Although I am uploading lots of stuff, so I suppose it's a bit my fault. Hmm. I'm off to J's tonight to watch the Big Brother final. I'm not really bothered who wins, but it's usually an interesting spectacle. I'm usually dissapointed with the winner, so I expect it to be Jason or Shell, my two least faves. It's not that I dislike them. Shell is just a silly way of abbreviating Michelle. I mean, at least use a C! Oh well, who am I to talk with a "Z" in my nickname (sometimes)... So, this weekend I plan to: 1. give proof that I live where I do to the estate agent 2. wander round New Look, despair, buy something anyway 3. pay my council tax, late, again. 4. go to the gym (yes we've quit but we can't stop being members for 2 more months) 5. buy the Snow Patrol album for Leon, and possibly the Rasmus album too 6. sleep. Lots. 7. Write more Blog, oh yes! 8. Finish uploading my webpage so I can get on with sorting out the mess that is the old bit! 9. Buy a bed 10. Order an Ikea catalogue


    Lunch today was excellent. They've finally opened a Subway Sandwiches in York!! M and I wandered down there to see what was happening. :D I had a BMT and he had a steak. Mmmm. The staff are obviously still training, the 45degree hinge cut was more of a 90degree one. The sauce was not evenly spaced. However, other than that it was GOOD! I like Subway! I used to work in one, so I know how difficult it can be to serve quickly at lunchtimes. I didn't like being on my feet all day, I got a bad back from lifting boxes of peppers, boxes of beef, other stuff like that. Considering making Friday into Subway-day. We'll have to see.

    Friday, August 06, 2004

    Growl at work

    So, yey. I have to find something to do that looks like I'm working while there is no work for me to do. Yey. B is right though, it's important that the big boss doesn't see me not working. It's going to be a slow day; I can see that. I enjoy month end because at least then I have stuff to do. I'd like to be busy-busy-busy all the time because I enjoy working. No, I'll rephrase that. I enjoy being busy and having things to think about all the time. Unfortunately it seems that all of the people who I need information from are either asleep or away, or they just don't really care. I guess the other teams are probably still month ending. They could at least have the decency to drop me a memo back saying that they will get back to me when they are free. It's not like the questions that I'm asking are that complicated. P is looking up some more complicated info for me, so that will take some time at least, although usually less time than I am expecting! Perhaps I should ask for more to do, again. It's not going to happen though is it? I mean, realistically- K seems to think that the team is too small and that we need someone else. So it's obvious to me that all of the actual work is being split between him and the other K and I get stuck with the dregs. Maybe it's that I find the work I have to do less taxing than other people might find the work they have to do. Maybe it's that I'm unwilling to make a change which I know will affect other things unless I have an explanation of the way both the changed things and the other things should be. Darnit! I suppose I should be finding things to do. There really isn't anything though. I'm waiting for people to get back to me and there's not much else I could do. I guess I could plot the movement of some variables through a variety of programs, or I could make lists of all the variables...

    My Sweetie

    Check out my other half's blog here


    If anyone would like to tell me how to put some nice shiny links down the sides that'd be nice. More pink-ness coming soon

    The Webpage Has Landed

    HURRAY! At last, I have begun uploading my webpage. Sad to say it's not all there yet, partly due to a Dickensian download limit. Can a download limit be Dickensian? Hmm... Anyway it's a small download limit. Not at all what I would like, but until I can afford to be .org (and until I have a good enough name for one) you'll find me at

    that's if the whole img thing didn't work.

    Viva Las Vegas

    So, Mum and Dad are in Vegas now. My sister is going to Spain on Saturday. Just me stuck in the UK then. I'm off to Edinburgh a week tomorrow. That's going to be good because I'll see some friends up there and the festival is meant to be good.

    Ho hum.So, 90 years since the start of WWI yesterday. "The Great War". We can never fully understand, as a generation who haven't seen conscription or rationing, exactly what those men and boys went through. There is nothing great about thousands of men dying away from their homes, away from their families. Many of the men who saw service in the First World War would also have seen service in WW2 as well. How horrific that must have been. I am glad that those men were brave enough to fight for their country, to fight for our right to freedom. I'm not convinced that war can be right, just or fair. There is no fair in war, just death. It is a shame that the only way to defeat a tyrant is to become a tyrant yourself. It's sad really. I find that the First World War often gets overlooked in the light of WW2. The generation that can never forget what they saw are few now, and the new generation can never understand. The war to end all wars? No, but I hope that there will never be death on such a scale in my lifetime, or my children's lifetimes.

    Still waiting to hear from the estate agents about moving to our new place. I'm trying to not be too excited about it! We still have to tidy our flat, pack all our stuff into a variety of boxes and bags. Then, once we've moved our stuff, back to the flat to clean the place thoroughly to try to ensure that we get our deposit back. THEN we should be fine for moving in properly to the new place. My parents will be up the weekend we move so that they can bring their 3piece which they've really kindly given to me. (Yey!) We're going to get a table that weekend too, andwe'll be needing to get a bed as well. My boyfriend's mate is also coming up that weekend to see the place(s). He'll probably help out with the moving of stuff. I'm not sure what else will need doing, or how much stuff we actually have. I guess we'll see properly quite soon! And, surprise surprise, I didn't get the webpage up and running last night. I should have chance to do a bit tonight. However, we are going to the gym. I may go on the sunbed again, although not for ten minutes as that was too much last time! We're also going to cancel ourmembership there since we're not going to have the time to do any proper gymming from the move day onwards basically. We're going to be moving on the bank holiday weekend, then probably wanting to spend that week gettingstuff sorted and getting used to the new area. Then I've got some holiday time booked off from work. We're hoping to get a chance to go away, although we'll have to see. I'm not sure if I can afford all the expense we're going to have from stuff we need when we move. That said, the biggest buy is the bed, and we're probably going to spend just under £200 on that. I guess it's worth it on something like a bed as well. Other than that it's bits really, like a microwave (from about £29.99) and some pots and pans. We do have a lot of stuff already, but I don't reallywant to use my skeffy student stuff if I can avoid it. I also dislike having mismatched crockery, knives and forks... I don't mind mismatched cups so much, because then you can tell which cup has which drink for whichperson in it. I do have a nice set of glass tumblers, and some wine glasses (hopefully) and loads of mugs (I like mugs). I don't think I have much else. We're going to have to get an iron and ironing board and mundane things like that too. I think we'll keep our bin&drawer-tidy&sink-tidy&drainer&bowl set, although I know that L dislikes the drainer because it's not big enough for our plates in the current place. Since we're moving and leaving those plates behind that's a little odd, but the newer plates we have are quite fat too. in fact there seems to be atrend towards fat plates these days. AND they're always enormous! I don't need a plate the size of a football field, no wonder I'm fat! Jeez! All you need is a plate big enough to put on your veg and a bit of meat andyou're fine. Huge plates! Well, I think this is probably enough for now. I'll try to get my webpage going tonight when I'm not gymming, and if I do I'll put the link in here. I'd like to figure out how to put some links on mypage too, but I dunno if it'll happen or not. I guess I'd have to learn to do whatever kind of code is behind this whole blog thing, and I've looked at it and gone "gneurgh!" and decided not to! Maybe there is something to be said for other people writing these things for me...

    Thursday, August 05, 2004

    Darn Blogs!

    It's just taken me about 30 mins to figure out that you've got to republish to get stuff updated!

    Wednesday, August 04, 2004


    Well, here we are again. It seems that I shall begin by posting daily, although it will invariably fall, and will become monthly and eventually when I remember. Sad but true I fear... While memoing "Sauram" at work today, I responded to a comment he had made with the following quote, which I think is quite apt: -- I don't only like pink and fluffy music - it just goes better with the image. -- So, moving swiftly on... Today has been a much better day than was expected. Gave P at work a new game to play on. He seemed mildly amused. He was better at that than zookeeper (which I rock at in comparison). The estate agents called my boss, but as I gave them my number, I abused them about not being his secretary until he pointed out who they were. Doh! Silly me. However, as they are checking my references then I can only assume that they are on the way to organising me to move. I'm quite looking forward to it! Thanks again to D for the box-moving trip. What a star! Oh, and hopefully sometime this evening my new webpage will be up and running... maybe... So I'll go do that now. Have a good evening all!

    Woo Hoo!

    So, at last! My blog! Wow. I was having a pretty poor day up to now! I should probably be less excited about something this mundane, but heck - who cares?? I suppose that the saving grace here is that I won't go to bed mad or depressed tonight. Today has been as eventful as a day at work isn't. Correct; nothing happened. There was a briefly amusing coffee mixup, some of the tables we produced were erroneous, I didn't wear pink. You can not really imagine, unless you've met me, that not wearing pink could be an event. I guess I've made it one. Maybe. I just wasn't feeling very pink today - and anyway, my pink things all needed washing. So, now I'm probably going to go to bed. I have many exciting times finding out how to do things on here now, although I'll probably forget like I do most other things. There will not be a posting day, or a regularity to times (except it'll be after 6) when I post, so don't expect it. Off I go now, Goodnight and sweet dreams all.