Friday, February 18, 2005


So, apparantly there's an Indy Disco at a local venue tonight. And apparantly I'm going.
How odd.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Holidays and Lies

So, I've just got back (Well, got back on Tuesday) from my long awaited, much deserved holiday to Fuerteventura (Spelled it right this time).
Before we left we checked the BBC weather site online, which claimed highs of 18-20 degrees celsius. Lovely.
They LIED to us though. It wasn't hot, it was only sunny for two days of the seven. Still, we did have a great time and will probably bore the heck out of everyone about it.

Arrival Day
This day was cloudy.
We arrived, bought some milk and water and then went to discover Corralejo (pronounced Coral-Echo) town, where we were staying. We ate out and drank sangria, then went to the Dunas Caleta (our hotel) Quiz! We came second. And they didn't find the team name funny.

Day 2 - booking excursions
This was the most expensive day. We booked all of our excursions (three in total). We had tapas for lunch.

Day 3 - Simply Fuerteventura
This was a tour. It was freezing and I was wearing a skirt and so was cold. We saw some brilliant things, including goats. We also ate well and bought some cheese - more on that later.

Day 4 - Oasis Park
It should be noted that I'm not afraid of many animals. One of these would have been camels. However I have faced my fear and ridden a camel to the top of a mountain. I was terrified the whole time, but I did it. Yey me.
We also saw a huge variety of plants and animals at the Oasis Park, including cycling parrots and dancin sealions.

Day 5 - Waterpark
Today was SUNNY and we went to the waterpark. the day was not as sucessful as I had hoped. We had a crash landing on one of the water chutes and I hit my head. I then spent the rest of the day on the sunbeds but failed to get a tan. How annoyed am I?

Day 6 - Lanzarote Discovery
This was very exciting. We sailed by ferry to Lanzarote and saw a real live volcano (Timinfaya) which is hot and everything. It was wicked! We also drove around the national park there, which is barren and beautiful. Finally we went into a lava tube (a weird hollow thing where lava on top sets but not the underneath stuff - really amazing) which had been turned into a tourist thing by a guy who I can't remember the name of (bad me). It was beatiful. Dom kept saying it looked like Tracy Island though. The tour was supposed to end at about 7pm but unfortunately the Canarian authorities had closed all of the ports and we couldn't get back to Fuerteventura.
So, Thompson put us up in a fancy hotel which would have been lovely if we'd been prepared. We didn't have clothes, toothbrushes... But we did get free dinner and breakfast. And we got back eventually.

Day 7 - Return from Lanzarote and also Valentines
So we got back and it was a bit sunnier. We went back to a restaurant we had enjoyed before and got great treatment again. La Taberna. We'd recommend it to anyone going to Corralejo.

Day 8 - Going home
This was a mad shopping rush (last minute) and English breakfast day. We got back to our house at about 11:30pm.

Go ahead to My piccies page to see some of our snaps.

Oh yes! The cheese. --CENSORED-- (Thanks badfriend, you're probably right)