Thursday, December 08, 2005


Last night L and I went to the cinema. As there was only Harry Potter and a bunch of other rubbish, we decided to watch the Doom movie.
It was... well - like the game, actually. There was a very basic plot, not too much deep-thinking required. There was plenty of blood, gore, killing and swearing.
There was a moment of aboslute solemnity when The Rock's character found the B.F.G.
If you like Doom the game, and want a short movie which is not demanding (and slighlty amusing in places) then it's alright. The first-person section when the hero John Grimm played by Karl Urban becomes the hero. (I won't tell you why, it ruins the only plot there is)
Amusing, but not taxing.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

On My Birthday...

further to the discussion in the pub:
People born on my birthday
  • 1869 Henri Matisse (artist)
  • 1937 Anthony Hopkins (actor)
  • 1943 Ben Kingsley (actor)
  • 1943 John Denver (singer)
  • 1950 John Candy (actor)
  • 1959 Val Kilmer (actor)


Yes, at last, I have some time off work to do nothing!
Yes, Nothing.
Well, almost nothing.
I will invariably tidy up a bit, do some painting (as in oil-on-canvas, not Dulux-on-wall) and get myself into town for posting of Christmas Cards to the USA.
I also have to check out packaging for an item which L is selling on E-Bay for a surprising profit.
And check out stuff to buy for some people for Christmas.
And get Mum a birthday card.
Okay, so nothing it isn't, but not work!
Now all I have to so is switch off from all the stuff I have been doing at work, and keep my fingers crossed that the re-emergence of my cold goes away when I have a lie-in.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Disco is too old

So, the Xmas party last night was good. I had a good time for the most part, the food was nice, and good company. Did some dancing, but was dissapointed with the music (again)
Huge were fab, and entertaining!
However, regarding the disco, there was only one girls aloud song played. There were no recent cheesy songs other than that, and yet he played Kaiser Cheifs. Okay, while I like that, it's not disco. Ho hum. No Sugababes, no busted / mcfly / other clones, no Britney, Kylie, Madonna (despite her big no.1 at the mo.) Poor.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I wanna go dancing...

Yes, the tan looks okay. I'm impressed with it as I've only ever previously managed a slightly orangey slightly streaky tan (at best)

I've also got a new hair colour now, Morello Cherry (which I'm informed isn't a colour) in fact, like Davina, but not.

The dress is ready, the shoes are ready, the handbag is available, the taxi is booked, I have my tickets (and L's, plus two more for friends we're collecting in our taxi)
Tomorrow I get my hair cut, do my nails (hands and feet, not faking that this time), drink my bottle of slightly sparkling Italian Pinot Grigio. (oh, Okay, I'll save some for L)

I'm looking forward to the dancing much more than the meal. I'm sure I've ordered something lovely...