Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finished Sweaters...

I finished Corsica at last. Here it is.
Corsica by Hayzee C, on Flickr I read that the sleeves run small, and indeed they do. Though it could partly be the fact that I didn't get gauge as well as I could have (it should have been fine after washing...)
Anyway, the pattern isn't to blame, I think. I underestimated the size of my bust, I over estimated the length of my arms and the cast off needs re-doing for stretch. And frankly, I don't like the fit. The V-neck is too high for my liking, the cable band doesn't sit under my bust (because I underestimated the size of my bust, as I said) and though the cables look great, I'm just not happy with the sweater.
So despite the many hours of knitting that have gone into the sweater, I'm going to frog it and knit something else with the yarn. I'm planning to make a top-down raglan and use the yarn at a DK gauge. I'm going to make it up though, so it could be interesting!

I did make a top I'm happy with though, this one:
Shrug That by Hayzee C, on Flickr This is using Rowan Pure Wool Aran leftovers from Boyf's sweater. 6.5mm needles, top down raglan using the Shug This pattern from one skein wonders (and free online)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Busy Bank Holiday Weekend?

For us it was.
We visited my folks on the Saturday and bought some exciting local food and such while we were there. Smashing black pudding and raisin sausages, Lincoln Blue cheese (yum!) and flour from the local mill (yes, a real windmill!)
Earlier on Saturday I had received a parcel of two sticks.
So we went to B&Q and bought some pots for the sticks (they'll be roses when they grow up).
While we were there I got a little carried away, and we bought compost (we did need that) some lettuce plants and a herb set. (pictured: herbs)
And then, well then I really got carried away... And what did look like this: Now looks like this: On the up-side, there's plenty of room for me to plant more things (the Lettuces are going in next to the rather sad looking flowery thing in front of the ex-bush, but I need to protect them from slugs...)
I think it's lots better, and the garden looks bigger.
This weekend, I'm planting some pak-choi seeds in pots and ripping out a kitchen, or starting to. I'm planning on photo diary-ing the kitchen renovation.