Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sad News

I realised that I didn't pass on some sad news.
A few weeks ago one of our hamsters died. Rowan That's Rowan when we first got him. He and his brother (Aran) have been with us for almost two years now.
Rowan managed to escape about a week before he died. While I don't think this was the direct cause of his demise, I suspect it can't have helped. We found him trying to nest in my walking boot. My first instinct, sadly for the blog but happily for Rowan, was to scoop him up and take him home rather than take photos.

We miss Rowan, but his brother Aran is still fit and well. He's enjoying extra treats now (he especially likes fresh veg) and seems quite happy.


We’ve been sorting out the house for sale.
It’s ready.
So, we turned this:
kitchen improvements
Into this:
Stripped Bathroom (1)
Turned into this:
Home Improvement
And lastly this:
Home Improvement
Turned into this:
Home Improvement
I’m really pleased with the result. We’ve worked really hard to get it to this point, and I hope we can sell it! Now we have to find somewhere to move to!

(Also, I bought some shoes for the wedding. They’re turquoise. That’s all I’m telling you!)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A busy (long) weekend!

We’re trying to get the house ready to go on the market. It’s about 90% there now, I reckon. We need to do a spot of cleaning (like sweep the laminate and Hoover the rugs) and some bits in the yard. Otherwise though, it’s ready!
So, FiancĂ© is calling some agents to get them to come and give us a valuation. Once that’s done, we can put it on the market and have people come and view the place. While I’m sure we’ll get the people who didn’t read the advert (“we were looking for three bedrooms” or “we actually wanted off street parking”) I’m quite hopeful that we’ll be able to sell for a little bit of a profit. Given what’s gone on with the housing market and mortgages, I think we’re pretty lucky if we do manage to make a little profit!
So that means that we’re also looking for a property to buy. We have seen some, though they’re all sold now, while we’ve been watching the market over the past few months. Now I guess we have to get ourselves in gear and go on and look at some of them in person. I feel a busy few months coming on!

At least the weather seems to have picked up, which bodes well for the same happening this time next year (and the year after) for my (and my sister’s) Wedding.
As you know, I’m scrap-booking all the main events. I’m pleased to announce that I’m going to be creating three new pages shortly! Woohoo!
The first of those will be for the “Save the Date” emails, and then one for the venues – both now booked and, by this evening, deposits paid. The third page will be for our photographers, who we have also now picked.

I’ve also enquired about another dress appointment. I’ve only been to three actual shops, and though two of them had the right sort of thing, only one was right. I’m leaning towards going with that dress, for the least unknowns, but before I do I am going to see another seamstress. I’ve seen one seamstress, and I got a quote from her. The amount that I would be saving isn’t massive, and the risk of not knowing whether the dress she’s making is “the one” until only a few weeks before rests heavy on my mind.

And I’ve bought some yarn. It’s been a while; I’m not buying yarn at the moment without a proper project in mind. This yarn is turquoise, lace weight, from an independent dyer. It’s going to be a shawl/shawlette for the wedding. More than that I’m not completely sure, though I’m seriously considering Gail / Nightsongs, which is beautiful, or the Victorial Lace Today Lady’s circular cape in shell pattern (both Rav links). I am also going to knit myself a shrug. I’m torn between a couple of different options for the shrug too, but usually in a slightly heavier yarn.