Friday, November 03, 2006

Door Update

So, update on the back-door issue:

  • The door would have broken at some point as it was not adjusted properly - therefore it's not Jonny's fault (phew)
  • The door is still locked shut, but the repair man can take it off via the hinges (inside) to mend it
  • The Coldseal company used silly locks that although really secure, are very expensive to replace
  • The man is coming to fix the door next Thursday
  • It's going to cost us about £200 - one has to ask how much a new door costs??
So yes, all blame is absolved from Jonny (though as I said, I was only teasing) and indeed from men in general - as regards the back door at least. I hope to get the repair man to also tweak the front door (or show me how to) so that that door doesn't break any time soon. This has also reinforced my hatred of PVC windows and doors. Can't afford to replace them in the current house though, so it's something we'll be looking out for in future houses. We like wooden windows - and they can still be double glazed and draught proofed...
Rant over.

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