Sunday, March 19, 2006

Oops (part 2)

So, we dried out L's phone, and amazingly it seems to work! There are some odd soapy residue thingys, so we may yet have to talk to a camera/phone fixing man to get it sorted. But it works otherwise.

How hard - How far...

It's really hard to find software to measure how far you have (or intend) to run. Boo. I've spent longer than I intended to trying to find some software to do this.
I did find a site or two, but until I saw Ben's website which pointed me to Route Ruler which is a fabulous piece of software! Woo!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

How hard to set a clock?

We just bought a new microwave. Our old one stopped making things hot. It did all the other (less important) stuff, but not the heating bit.
We can't set the clock on the new one. We even read the manual!


So, this morning I put on a load of washing.
Nothing unusual in that, you may say. However, I forgot to check L's pockets and have inadvertantly washed his phone. Drat.
We're drying it out on the radiator now...
Please, please, please let it be okay.
I'm a baad person. :(

Friday, March 10, 2006

Don't tempt fate

I was looking back over my archive and spotted Broken Bones, a post I made in August 2004. I stated that I had broken no bones (and indeed been in no accidents) since being 20. Pah. Since that post I have fallen down three sets of stairs and cracked my coccyx on one of those occasions. In fact, my first fall was approximately a month after that post...

Moral - don't tempt fate.

Item: complete arty picture for Leon's brithday

I have sucessfully completed this goal. Leon now has a three-panel picture of an American muscle car (the name of which escapes me)

Many Things

Yes, many things have happened which I have not blogged about! So, here we go:

Can you feel it?
I went to see a live gig at local venue Fibbers to see a band called The Feeling. I went there with my usual apprehension, as I'm not a big fan of music that Lint has recommended we see. This has not been the case of late, and in fact both gigs I've been to at Fibbers have been okay at worst. The Feeling were EXCELLENT, a thought lots of people must agree with as they made the Top Ten this week (or last week - whatever).
Their support band Lorraine were a Norwegian Euro-pop group, which was naughtily nice! It's "wrong to like it, but I did" kind of music. All in all, a thoroughly good time.

Driving me round the bend
Leon's finally booked a driving lesson - in fact that's where he is now. Excellent. He's quite nervous, but I'm sure he'll be good. He had lessons before I dragged him up to Yorkshire.

It's a long long way to... Cambridge?
We went to Cambridge (and sutrrounding villages) for the weekend last week. It was nice. Nicer than I had expected too. We saw some (most) of Leon's friends from the area. I enjoyed both evenings out, although Leon didn't enjoy his reaction to whatever-it-was that he ate.
Glen (Leon's best mate) came back from skiing* on the Saturday, so we went round to see his house. I hadn't seen it before. It's pretty nice. Rather blokey, but as it's two blokes living there...

We are family
My family tree research is going quite well. I have tracked back to my mum's mum's mum's mum (my great great grandmother) and possibly found my great grandfather on my dad's side. It's quite fun, actually. When we next go back to Gainsborough we're going to find out where the street that my g.g.gran lived on used to be. We're fairly sure it's not there any more though.

* Why the heck is everyone going skiing these days? It's cold, you might fall off a cliff, you might crash, it snows and is very expensive.