Sunday, August 08, 2004

Broken Bones

It has been pointed out to me, in the past, that I break a lot. I wasn't entirely sure that this was the case until I listed the things I have done which have resulted in breakage or trips to A&E. Said list follows:
  • Age 2 - fell down stairs, broke arm
  • Age 3 - fell off a step, broke leg
  • Age 8 - trapped fingers in boys-toilet door, broke 3 fingers
  • Age 10 - hit with a cricket bat, minor crack in skull, scarred eyebrow
  • Age 10 - fell off swing, knocked myself out
  • Age 11 - hit with hockey stick, broke 2 fingers
  • Age 14 - fat girl put chair on my toes, broke 3 toes
  • Age 16 - kicked radiator, broke 2 toes
  • Age 16 - snapped knuckle on basketball
  • Age 17 - trapped fingers in door - broke finger
  • Age 17 - fell off platform boots, severe sprained wrist
  • Age 18 - dancing incident, sprained wrist again
  • Age 20 - toe trapped in dodgems surface, broke toe
  • No incidents to report since (touch wood)


    Sarum said...

    By contrast, I've never broken any bones, and probably my worst physical injury was a dislocated thumb (everything else doesn't get much further than grazed knees). I don't think this is due to a cotton-wool wrapped childhood, I used to play more sport than I do these days, and was more than a little wreckless on my mountain bike, which I used to ride for several miles a day though rough woodland etc. The dislocated thumb was due to being thrown (as in bodily picked up and chucked, not just pushed) down a 45 degree embankment at school by my "friends". After bouncing to the bottom, I stood up to find my thumb pointing at my elbow but (perhaps miraculously) no bones broken. I think I bounce rather than break, as, knowing my love of climbing everything as a child (large slippy rocks included), I'm sure I've had my share of falls.

    I have nearly asphyxiated as a child due to a faulty boiler flue filling the room I was in with carbon monoxide (I was unconscious for quite a while apparently and the doctors at A&E were quite worried, though I have no memory of the whole thing). So I've never broken any bones, but have come within a few minutes of being dead...

    Bertie said...

    i've also not broken anything, although the doctors said I had a suspected broken kneecap when younger, but dont think it was. Also not many serious injuries. Worst was a burst bloodvessel that swelled my lower leg to twice the size and off sport for 4 months.

    Quite interested in the dancing incident - clearly more there than you're letting on to