Thursday, June 11, 2009

As Promised... Kitchen Update

We're renovating our kitchen, as I have mentioned. Here's how it looked a month ago (we'd removed one door at this point, but nothing more) Kitchen with one less door So, we ripped out that cupboard so that the plumber could get to the pipes to move the boiler... Damp and original Victorian tiles - honest! And then, last weekend we finally sorted ourselves out and ripped out everything but the sink. No More Kitchen Any More This weekend my folks are coming up to help us with the electrics and plumbing. Then we need to get it plastered, painted, the new kitchen built and fitted, worktops ordered and cut, appliances (we only have some) ordered and delivered, floor ripped up and floor underneath revealed, restored and sorted... not much left then!? Haha.

In the meantime, we're officially on holiday from next Thursday. Depending on the kitchen status we might be in Cambs on the Saturday/Sunday, then we're near Lake Windermere for three days followed by three days in Cockermouth with Woolfest on the Friday.

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