Sunday, December 13, 2009

Making things

I have been making things, I promise! Just some of them have gone off in swaps, some of them are still ongoing, and - if I'm honest - I've been too tired and busy to bother taking any photos. Even these which I'm about to share aren't great! I took them with my iPhone, which isn't why they're bad, but doesn't add to the brilliance either!
I made a beaded bauble - easier than it looks. I ran out of the cord in the kit though (despite it being a kit for two baubles, I only got one small bauble out of the cord they supplied. Not pleased. I used cotton for the rest, but it tangles pretty badly...)
Bauble with beads
I've also made a cute beaded bracelet. I'm adding it to my slowly growing inventory of things I will try to sell on etsy when I finally get some nice photos taken of the stuff.
Beaded bracelet
And lastly, some mitred squares for the blanket I'm making. I actually made two more of these squares, but I gave them to the hamsters as bedding!
three blanket squares
So, there's some making for you. Now I have to go tidy up a bit so that I can clear all the books off the bookshelf and then move the bookshelf to a slightly different location. I've decided that moving the room round right now was a bad idea, but we're half way round now, so I either finish it or put it back. Neither is appealing, but at least finishing it would come with some sense of having achieved something. What I will have achieved other than driving myself nuts is questionable, but hey ho.

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