Wednesday, May 25, 2011


On the 30th April 2011…

I married the love of my life


My dress had a full 50s circle skirt


We had lots of fun

My knitting friends knitted me that blanket on the table. It has squares with the TARDIS, the wedding date in binary, our initials, a dalek, it's amazing and I love it so much!


All in all it was an amazing day.

All photos in this post were taken by Mik2 photography ( and have been borrowed from their reduced quality web versions while I wait for the photos to be ready.

I’ll post again soon about my honeymoon, which was a-ma-zing!


My Heart Exposed Yarns said...

You look amazing and it all looks like such an incredible day, love love love the 50's look and feel too, just stunning! cant wait to see your pics and read about your honeymoon well the clean bits anyway :)
((( hugs )))

Dianne said...

Congratulations! Love the dress, and those shoes are super! Can't wait to see more pics!!!