Sunday, June 05, 2011

Honeymoon Part 2 - 8 nights on Meeru (in the Maldives)

Well, after the fairly hectic schedule of the first 6 nights, we were ready to take it easy for a while.

We had a mid-day flight with Sri Lankan Air. They were pretty good. We transferred to our island, Meeru, by speedboat and once we'd been greeted we were shown to our room. Our room was amazing. We were in a jacuzzi water villa.
This was our view:
 And the walk into resort (or back of an evening) was none too shabby either...
It was pretty, and peaceful, there were few children and no louts.
We relaxed a lot.
We relaxed in the infinity pool (adults only, by the bar at the end of our jetty)
We relaxed over dinner in the beautiful dining room
We relaxed while watching sunsets...

...and dolphins...
I crocheted on my honeymoon shawl
we did a spot of kayaking, in the rain!

we drank cocktails from coconuts
and did some sunbathing
we even went snorkelling

and relaxed in the infinity pool some more, with "all inclusive cocktail of the day" - in this case, cosmohito. Yum!

Amazing! Lovely and relaxed.
But no, I haven't finished the shawl yet (I've done what the pattern said, but it's barely a shawlette, so I'm doing more!) I'm already looking forwards to our next holiday, though that's in Cumbria so I'm not expecting this sort of weather!

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