Monday, July 09, 2012

More Knitting!

The Mohair Top
Short Sleeved Mohair Sweater Short Sleeved Mohair Sweater
Pattern: I made it up.
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Angel
Needle: 5mm
Modifications: n/a
Verdict: It’s a bit curly at the bottom, and a little on the loose side, but I think once I’ve blocked it and maybe with a belt it will be fab!

Then, that was the end of T5R1
I posted a total of 6 challenge responses and thus I melted the cube once more!

IMG_0666Norwegian baby hatdonation6R1
hatSingles YarnShort Sleeved Mohair SweaterMeltinT5R1

Since Then...
This round I’ve made these Fetching mittens


Pattern: Fetching
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk Aran.
Needle: 4mm
Modifications: None, I knit them as written – well, except I did two at a time.
Verdict: I’m not sure they’re long enough for my liking, but they are very smooshy!

Nerd Wars
I really enjoy participating in Nerd Wars. It’s a real driver for me to get more things made, and that means that I’m slowly working my way through the stash of yarn and fibre I have.

At the weekend my parents visited, and they brought some new storage with them. Well, new to me – it’s the old furniture from one of their rooms. The cupboard has two drawers and was exactly the right size to fit under my existing bookshelf. Bonus extra storage!
So now all my fabric is in one drawer and all my wrapping paper and such like is in another. The cupboard holds all my fibre for spinning (well, almost) and this now means that there is floor space in the room!

While I was in the mood for sorting things out, I went through my yarn stash and organised it into the three-drawer chest I keep it in. With the exception of my handspun it all fit in, which is good news. I’m still on my yarn diet though – I’m not going to buy any more yarn or fibre until there is a space for it. (there is actually a little bit of room in my sock-yarn drawer, but since my handspun doesn’t fit in the drawers at all, I think I’d better work on making space for that first.)

This also gave me the chance to have a look at all the yarn and think about what yarn I want to use for my holiday project.
I’m going to crochet the Versailles Scarf by Joy Haworth. I think it’s really pretty, and it shouldn’t be too hard to do on the plane or when talking.
I’m also taking another project with me for the Ravellenics. This is a craft-along which happens at the same time as the Olympic Games in London will be happening. As that starts after I go on holiday, I’ll be casting on as close to the opening ceremonies as possible – but not before! That project is (Rav Link) Eva's Shawl by milobo. another relatively simple one, though I will need a crochet marker. It’s reasonably similar in construction to the Elise shawl that I made on honeymoon.

I know that I will not complete both of these projects during my 7 day holiday, partly because I will have other things to do, but as with most knitters I tend to over estimate the amount of crafting that I need to take on holiday with me. I will finish the shawl during the Olympics though, and I also intend to spin some fibre when I get back to my wheel. I’ve got some lovely MHE in a nice dusky pink colour which is already calling to me to be spun! Lush!

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Opal @ Celebrate Life said...

The sweater is lovely; I love the color. While I can knit with animal fibers I can't wear most of them, they make me itch like crazy -- if it touches other areas of my body.

I love the gloves too, I'm planning on making a pair for my nine-year old daughter. She adores those types of gloves.