Thursday, March 28, 2013


Work is pretty weird at the moment. There have been some significant changes in the department that have made things interesting to say the least. This has meant that my crafting has been a real respite for me, and also the games consoles!

So, I’ve been doing plenty of crafting of one sort or another which I need to catch you up on. Hubby has taken on the making of the rug, which is fun. He’s doing a really good job and he’s only made one mistake which was easily fixed!

Anyway, on with my crafting…

I finished spinning the other single for this yarn, and then plied them. It’s lovely and soft, though I don’t know what it might be.

Floofy Pink yarn

And then I spun and chain-plied this one, it’s about 220yds, so not a lot of yarn, but possibly enough for a hat or neck-warmer, or striped with something plainer it could be something else.

Greenish yarn

I also finished the baby jacket I designed. I need to take a better photo, but this one will do for now. It needs blocking, as you can see.


And I made another Sweet Norwegian Baby Cap. I love it, they’re so cute. They’ve become my go-to item for leftover sock yarn. (I’m making some baby socks to match this one, but they’re not much fun to knit so they keep getting left alone while I do other fun things!


We’re going away this weekend to visit hubby’s family in Cambridgeshire and have some family photos taken as well. I’m thinking about asking for a couple of individual shots and certainly some of hubby and me together. We got some lovely ones last time, so all being well we can repeat that experience.

I’m also looking forward to seeing one of my oldest friends again. We’re going out for dinner and drinks, which should be lovely.

And, when I’m not out for dinner or having my photo taken, I will be working on this shawl.


I want to finish it by the 28th April, which will be the end of this round of Nerd Wars. If I am successful then I will have completed the dissertation challenge for the first time. Whether crocheting a simple shawl in three months is really that impressive is another question, but I will be proud of it in any case.

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