Thursday, May 30, 2013

Some and some

I've done a little spinning...
Remember this carding that I did? I spun it up into a little 50g skein of fluffy yarn

it's about 50 yards, and it's thick and thin in places. I went for a 2ply.

I'm working on another baby sweater, this one is a gift. I'm also working on a picot edge on a shawl. It's time consuming, but it will look amazing when it's done. Technically I declared the shawl finished, but I decided that it needed something extra, so I'm doing a shell edge for it, with picots.

Otherwise I've been pretty slack on the knitting, crocheting, spinning and weaving front. Still, Nerd Wars T8 kicks off on Saturday, so I'll be casting on a bunch of things for that! I'm planning on making another Clapotis which should be fun, I remember that being a fun knit last time I made one! I'm also planning another dissertation, which will be $5 in Paris. I've made my swatch and I'm ready to go! Probably. Between all those things, I have plenty to do during June, and July will be my first Tour de Fleece. So July will be a month for spinning. I don't know how much of the Tour de France I'll watch while I spin, but it's the spinning that I'm in it for!

Other highlights of June will include going to Woolfest again! Yay! And we're also hoping to make it to Fibre East too.

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