Sunday, May 29, 2005


PTH was good. Check out other people's blogs for a proper recollection of the evening, I don't remember much after the baileys and lime (never again).

Couple of good piccies though. Will maube post them when I can be bothered. Will also post results if we ever hear them...

Slowly slowly

So, not going well on my tasks. Oh well. Everyone who went out of their way to tell me I'm not fat in the last post is appreciated, but ignored. Sorry.

Not fat, just not as thin as I want to be.

Maybe I should get off my fat a$$ and do something about it...


There, now I feel better.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Dammit! just told me I'm fat :(

I do want to lose weight though... but still - raa!

Then they want to charge me money to make me thin! Double raa!!

Houses, Derren and Stuff

This weekend has so far been an interesting one. I had quite a busy day yesterday, including some shopping, an interview at a bank for a mortgage, some more shopping, a very nice lunch, a trip to the pub, seeing Derren Brown and then further pubbing. Pretty good, really.

Shopping was sucessful, I got the black-long-sleeved-t-shirt I needed for my costume, and I am now almost ready to be Captain Magenta. Also bought some nice shorts and a new bikini
Ok, no - I don't really need shorts or a bikini, but they're a nice colour (not pink) and they were also inexpensive.

The mortgage woman was nice, and also quite helpful. We can officially look at houses and know if the bank will buy them for us.

Derren Brown was slightly more predictable than I had hoped, partly from having seen some of his (TV) shows before. I had spotted many of the "subliminal" messages, which is odd, since they're meant to be subliminal...

I have now updated my list of aims for the remainder of the year.

Nice to see Badfriend again.

Surprised by the voting profile of the group - I appologise for not giving you all more credit (except for Lint, who I should have expected to do that)
On a related note, I was surprised to find that I should have voted for a party I didn't, although it wouldn't have actually changed the result here.

So I'm going to go eat before I starve to death (exaggeration)

Tsuki x

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

speaking of bandwagons...

I've hopped on the "things I want to do" bandwagon. There are other things I'm thinking of adding, but I'm currently not sure if they're even vaguely acheiveable (like giving up tea for a day, or no chocolate for a week...) So it sits at those that are there.


So much has happened since my last blog!

First: promised (when drunk) appology:
I need to appologise to Jaq for not giving her the credit she's due, for expecting the things that annoy me (sorry hun) and forgetting all the great things I like so much. For blaming her for leaving rather than understanding and for thinking selfishly when I shouldn't.

I'm not going to be less vague.

So, apparantly on election night while at the pub I said some amusing things, ranging from "I don't think I'm gay" to discussions about children I don't have. Hmm. Maybe I should drink less, or more and more often, to prevent these occurences.

Work is still as work is, I doubt that it will improve in the near future, and I'm in a position at the moment where I don't want to do anything about it. I thought that seeing other people go off and sort their lives out might inspire me, but not really.

Going to look into the scary world of Mortgages at the weekend. Scary in many ways, not least in the size of a commitment for me and Dom.

Scotland - yes, that was cool. Should have mentioned it already but had stuff to do. Wicked weekend, thank you muchly Chip. I particularly enjoyed (in no order):
  • walking without Bert (no offense)
  • roast dinner
  • being rubbish at golf
  • sitting around
  • being rubbish at lighting fires, but making lots of smoke and using lots of matches in the process!
  • sausages for breakfast
  • jacuzzi bath!!!
  • Being in a beautiful location
  • Everything not going tits-up and therefore not having anything to moan about

So, coming up - PTH-X Our team is Captain Scarlet themed, and the costumes are almost ready! I'm really looking forward to that too, I'm being Captain Magenta! Woo!

Well, signing off now,
Tsuki x.