Sunday, July 24, 2005


Dom and I have been packing.
We are doing so in the hope that we will eventually move house and be able to unpack most of the stuff.
However, the new house is smaller than the current one, and also has less rooms which is a bit of a bummer for me. Mainly because I have a lot of stuff No, it's not all crap, much of it is useful. Also, some of it is clothes, which was what we were packing. So, We've filled three BIG suitcases of clothes. We also donated FOUR bin bags full of clothes to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance people.
And feeling good.
And trying to sell some of the stuff myself.

Oh, and we've signed. We're just waiting for exchange.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Random Not-Rant

Everything seems fairly odd at the moment.
The house thing is going okay, our Home-buyers' Report turned up today. It was actually quite funny to read, as it says some funny things. I'm not going into detail though as it's confidential.

So, yes. The people I know from the big Smoke are all fine, and also fine since the new round of bombings were rubbish. I mean, what kind of suicide bomber doesn't even blom him/herself up!?! RUBBISH!
NB: I am not condoning suicide bombing, just being VERY amused at how rubbish they were at it.

I'm not allowing anyone to know about my career plans, so then I don't have to send out unhappy emails about how I'm not wanted. :)
Funny - I thought this was going to be a big rant. It's not really is it. I guess Kalms (TM) work. I should think about getting dinner ready, Dom is meant to be on his way home. From out with people from work who failed to tell me they were going anywhere before I left work, even though I walked past one of them on the way (Iasonas).
O well. I can't really afford to be out at any rate, and I have now managed to write a letter to cancel our home insurance which we don't want so that we can set up some that we do want. It's all so complicated.

OH! And the wedding at the weekend was great!

Saturday, July 09, 2005


There is nothing I can say about Thursday's events which hasn't already been said. I'm glad that everyone I have heard from is okay, but there are some I'm still waiting on. I'm sure that they're just really busy though.

On the other hand, there is a lot I could say about so called protestors destroying bits of cities and cars and the like for no real reason and achieving nothing. But somehow a bunch of blokes in a room with a whole bunch more people outside complaining about it doesn't seem so important.

When will people learn? In both the above cases.