Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Much Newness!

Many things have happened of late!

  1. I have started to research my family tree. You can see how I'm doing here.
  2. I have been entered into the Race For Life. You can sponsor me here
Okay, so that's all really!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Chip and Pin

I am shocked.
No, actually, the furure over this on changeover day is to be expected if there's no other major news.
We have had about a year to get used to the idea of paying using chip-and-pin rather than signing. Yet on the 13th we were predicted chaos! How are people supposed to remember their pin?
Frankly, those same people call them "PIN Numbers" which is plain wrong.
Can't remember your pin? Change it to something you can remember! Ok, probably not something obvious, but then... Does it matter if I use my birthday if the thief of my card does not know me - how will they know my birthday? I would hope that the people who do know my birthday might not steal my card!
Then the whole thing is made worse by card-cloning at ATMs.
Oh well, at least I'm covered against mis-use of my card. I took up the cover about three years ago when someone used my details to pay their Sky TV Bill and their Gas Bill. Moron! If you're going to use someone else's details, you don't pay for things like that - traceable things! It was good for me, because I managed to get all the money back with no penalties. The Bank were really good about it too.

New Stuff

In about half-an-hour my parents are arriving in a large van. They are bringing us some new furniture. This includes a variety of items:
  1. Wardrobe - double sized, teak.
  2. Wardrobe - one-and-a-half sized, teak.
  3. Table - with 4 chairs, oval, folds up, mahogany
  4. Welsh Dresser - also known as a wall unit - mahogany
So, Leon and I have totally reorganised the bedroom. Ok, I say we, I mean that Leon did all the humping around and I came home from a girly cocktail night and went "ooh".
He's also dismantled our black round table, which we are hoping to sell. I put it on the E-xchange at work, which is a sort of market place online. I got an enquiry almost as soon as it went up, but I fear that the person who enquired might go for the Ikea table also on there, as it's free. I asked for £20. However, I might well put it on again in a few weeks for free if we still didn't get rid of it.

I also have added a new link on my blogs section. It's set apart a little for a reason: the blog-writer is my ex-boyfriend, ex-housemate, ex-coursemate. He's actually quite entertaining to read though. Stig. Of course, we had a slightly rocky time - mainly from me being a bitch in fairness. If I find any other of my uni mates, I'll put them on here too.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Yesterday was L's birthday. We went out and did lots of things. Lunch, Cinema, Bowling, Meal. Very nice. I think he enjoyed it. He liked the cake.
Happy Birthday Babe.