Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's been a while...

...ten days in fact.

I spent last weekend in Bristol for a friend's birthday. Because I hadn't been to Bristol before, and because it was a four hour train journey to get there, OH and I decided to make a weekend of it. He was already on a course in Gloucestershire. He organised the hotel (so I didn't have to worry about it), he told me to get a cab from the station.
So, I had the rudest cabbie in the world! I got in (after my 4 hours on the train) and asked him for the Marriott Hotel, the one near the cathedral. He says, "which one love, you tell me" - I was astounded. I got my bit of paper out and confirmed the address. But seriously, it was right next to the cathedral and it's not like there's more than one cathedral in Bristol! What a pain!
The hotel, on the other hand, was fab. It was beautiful, the bed was massive, the room was nice and well furnished, clean, etc.
Our friend had offered to make us chilli for tea. After all the journeying that was very welcome. We got a bit lost trying to find the flat, but we got there in the end. The chilli was very nice, and we had a lovely chat before heading back for bed.

The hotel breakfast was great! I had full English, croissants, fruit and a smoothie, tea and orange juice!
Since we were in Bristol, I had to make a trip to Get Knitted in Brislington. We got a £3.70 bus ticket which allowed us to travel on the buses all day. Get Knitted was awesome! They have everything! Literally!
I bought some Malabrigo and some Blue Sky Alpacas Silk and Alpaca. This is the Alpaca. The Malabrigo is already on the way to being a VLT scarf. Both are lush. I was tempted to buy so many things, but those really grabbed me!
Bus drivers in Bristol, unlike the Cabbie, were all amazing. They'd tell people which stops were for what, and were chipper in the face of hail storms and rude people. Smashing! Well done Bristol Bus Drivers!

Then we went to the zoo. We met a butterfly with good taste in yarn and saw gorillas and penguins and lemurs. Our camera died so some of the photos were taken with my phone. Bristol Mosaic 1. Pelican, 2. Meercats?, 3. Clifton Suspension Bridge, 4. SS Great Britain, 5. Butterflies, 6. Butterflies, 7. Flamingo, 8. Pygmie Hippo, 9. Penguins

Karaoke on the Saturday night was great! The SS Great Britain and the Clifton Bridge were Sunday visits before our more-than-four-hour train journey home.
I've been a bit under the weather since then, so not much blogging.

Anyway, I'm off back to my malabrigo now. TTFN.

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