Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Sometimes all you want is stockinette. I have several projects on the go which are complicated in some way (cables, lace and slip-stitch-colourwork).

Although I enjoy knitting these, they’re not really ideal for television-knitting (or pub knitting to some degree). February is now over, and March is not for Finishing. So I cast on some more socks. I decided to use some of the yarn I dyed myself last year. I’ve decided to make plain socks, loosely based on the Yarn Harlot’s sock recipe. I’m using “It’s black, Jim”. I dyed that one using black food colouring (and pink and green) but the black separated out into purples and browns and even electric blue in one place. It’s knitting up into 1-row stripes, if I can find the camera* I’ll take a photo.

OH is off on a course at the moment. It’s very odd having the house to myself. Even though I’m free to play on the consoles or use both computers at once, or whatever, I decided to catch up on my recorded telly and knit the plain sock. I watched Who Do You Think You Are, which was pretty good, then two episodes of CSI:CSI. I’m now caught up, nothing left on the box to watch.

* I remember having it in my bag in Cambridgeshire, and we took it to Edinburgh but failed to use it...

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