Thursday, November 12, 2009

Organic Veggies

Ok, so my own home grown veggies haven't been so successful. (Except the beans, I have enough runner beans to last til this time next year)

However, we can get an organic veggie box delivered to our door.

We chose the "mini" box, and here it is:
Organic Mini Box
It contains courgettes, broccoli and cauliflower,
Organic Mini Box
And shallots, and what's that? An Avocado? Amazing. Organic Mini Box
Oh, and carrots, potatoes, chard and a lemon.
I can't wait to see what's in the next one!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you your post of the organic veggie box. I am in Canada, and was browsing patterns on Ravelry, when I can across your patterns and then blog. After
reading it a bit, I realized you were in the UK. My daughter is in London, and was having a bit of trouble with food. I mentioned the Riverford Organic to her,
and now she is having fresh, organic delivered right to her door in Hendon. Thank you, thank you.