Monday, March 01, 2010

Designs and Decorating

I always have ideas for new designs clamouring for attention while I do other things. Even while I’m knitting I’m thinking of new knitting designs. Or when I’m at work, so many ideas appear!
There’s a school of thought which says you should write them all down. Every single idea you have. I’m a bit disorganised, so the chances of me having an appropriate notebook to do that is slim. However, I believe that an idea which is good enough gets lodged in my brain! I have a bunch of ideas which I haven’t written down for things which will eventually be made. Or, as in the case of the wedding invitations, I’ve designed them in my head, and even scribbled a sketch on the side of some meeting notes, but not actually made them, or really done much towards making them!


We had quite a productive weekend, my folks were up and we did some painting, some cupboard building, and cleaning. (I say we. I’m afraid with the cleaning Mum did pretty much all of it, while I did some ineffective tidying. I’m rubbish at that sort of thing!)
We’ve also bought some paint for the bedrooms. If I’m honest, they’ve needed a lick of paint since we moved in. The walls are magnolia, just magnolia. Which isn’t interesting and means it looks a bit “rental”. We’ve not gone miles away from magnolia though, I’ve bought warm magnolia for above the dado rail. In an effort to make it look a bit more chic, I’ve bought some warm beige for below the dado – kind of a milky coffee colour. (Photos to come, eventually!)
We’re going to do the same colour scheme in the back bedroom, which is currently also magnolia. I have to re-paint the ceiling in there too. I’ve also got the woodwork to paint in both bedrooms too. Nothing too fancy, we’ve got some matt wood paint (rather than gloss) in a colour called cotton white.
I’ll try to remember to take some photos this evening (or set my fiancé on doing so while I’m at knitting!) of the paint, and the painted door! the bathroom door needs sanding down now, and another coat of paint is required. it has already made a big difference to how the bathroom feels when you’re in there – though we can’t shut the door at the moment as there’s no handle!


Of course, that meant I got no knitting done! I do still have two weeks to finish the socks I’m knitting, and I’m well on the way with those. I want to try them on again; I’m getting close to where I need to start the toe. I’m aiming for a shoe size larger than I wear, so I’ll start the toe a few rows later than I normally would.

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