Thursday, March 11, 2010

Poorly Car

Our car is poorly. Back in July 2007 you may remember me posting about our new car. The little Polo has been good to us for the past almost-three-years; starts first time, even in the snow. We had some work done on the breaks and the exhaust, but nothing unusual for a car that age (it’s an N reg).
But, on Monday night on the way home from knitting, as we got back to the street, there was steam billowing out from under the bonnet. Eek!

We’ve called a mechanic. He’s (so far) proven to be a nice man. He’s going to pick up the car and then have a look for us. The current thoughts (both from him and my dad) are that either there’s a coolant leak, (I’m sorry captain, we cannae go to warp, there’s a coolant leak in engineering), or the head gasket is broken. I don’t know what a head gasket is, but it sounds expensive. I’m told that in order to replace one it takes a lot of work and taking the engine apart a bit. That also sounds expensive. I hope it’s a coolant leak, and an easy to fix one at that.

The pattern for my lacy mitts design is ready for me to start test knitting. Unfortunately, because all of my knitting stuff is “in storage”, I only have one set of sock needles which I’m using to knit some socks for FiancĂ©. All that this means is that he’ll get them super fast! I bought some lush yarn (neither photographed nor in my Rav stash yet) to make them with (because all my yarn is in storage), a Violet Green merino silk blend, in a lovely dusky red. It’s not a solid colour entirely, but has lots of hues of dark red and dark pinky red. It’s lush; I really can’t describe it and do it justice! I’m pleased with the pattern so far. If there’s yarn left over I might make another one of my lace bag too.

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