Monday, March 29, 2010

2010 - Three months in...

We are one quarter of the way through 2010. How time flies! We’re also 13 months away from my wedding (and 25 months from my sister’s wedding!) which is very exciting.

Highlights of the past three months?

My creation
1. The highlight of January was getting engaged. In fact, that’s probably going to be the highlight of 2010 – and so close to the beginning of the year, how do we top that? (should I even try?),
2. Highlight for February would be publishing my first ever paid for pattern – Dangerous Socks For Boys - Click Here to Buy Now
3. Highlight for March is a tough one. I did enjoy our visit to the farm near FH’s parent’s, where they were lambing. Cute lambs! ,
4. Low point for the first quarter was definitely the car going bang (well, not exactly bang, but…) although the hire car was lovely!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scrap-booking - Engaged

I have decided to keep a scrapbook of the run-up to the wedding, encompassing events from the day my Fiancé proposed to the day of the wedding (and maybe even a honeymoon page, if I have space!)

I've discovered, from my investigations into the craft world, that scrapbooking isn't simply sticking cinema stubs and train tickets into a big book (although it can be that); it's creating beautiful pages of memories to look back at in years to come. This appealed to me, not least because so many photos nowadays are destined for life in only digital form, they don't adorn the homes of their takers in photo albums or frames.

So, for me this project is as much about remembering all the fun (and possibly stress!) of getting engaged, planning the wedding, and getting married.

When we got engaged, FH (Future Hubby) and I took many some photos of the ring, both in the box and on my hand. I've printed a couple of these out, as well as some decorative writing (I know where my talents lie and handwriting is not one of them).
Then I thought it might be nice to include one, some or all of our engagement cards we've received from people (Thank you to everyone who sent us cards, they've been decorating our bookshelf these past two months!)
After some consideration I decided on just one card, which had a tasteful and beautiful picture of a couple dancing and kissing. (Well done Chris for having very good taste)

All of those items have now been combined into one scrapbook page celebrating our engagement.
Here it is for your enjoyment.

scrapbook - Engaged

I'm pleased with my first attempt at scrap-booking, I'm sure I will improve over time and this book will also be a record of that.
If anyone who does this sort of thing has any hints, tips, recommendations for places to buy stuff, and all that jazz, leave a comment!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I’ve been booking some dress-trying-on sessions for the Easter weekend.

I know roughly what I want. I know I prefer sweetheart necklines, I’d prefer a high-ish waist (I have a high natural waist) and I’d like some straps of some sort. I have some (many) pictures on my computer, and I’ll print out a few of them to take with me for inspiration for the dress shop clerks. I’m also taking my mum.

We’ve booked for one shop in Harrogate on Friday afternoon – after which we’re going for dinner at the venue we’ve tentatively booked for the reception. If the food is up to scratch and everything is generally good, I’ll be firming up the reservation. And then two more bridal wear shops on Saturday, hopefully with time for lunch in the middle.

Fiancé and Daddy will be coming with us to Harrogate – there’s a men’s section there too, and they have a good deal at the moment, so fiancé can try on a couple of (or more) suit jackets.

They’re going to finish (I hope) the kitchen on Saturday while I’m dress shopping with Mum. We might have time to go to monsoon or something for mum to look at outfits too.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Knitting Update!

It’s been a while since I posted any knitting, despite having finished a number of things. I’ve been quite busy though, between decorating and sorting out wedding things I haven’t had a lot of time to do much, and the time I find spare I either knit or sleep! I have finally taken photos of the second turn a square hat that I knit. I knit this one first: Turn a Square (first time) But it was a little on the small side for Fiancé, because of him having hair to squeeze under it. That one has now gone to my dad, who hopefully will get some wear out of it. And I knitted this one: Turn a Square for Fiancé. He’s happy with it (can you tell?) as it’s warm, big enough, and keeps the rain off too! it was a fun knit, and I got better at the jog-less stripe by the time I did this one! I’m considering making one for me too; though the weather is probably warm enough now to be hatless. That also means that the in progress phoenix (sorry about the PJ top there) will probably not be finished until it’s too warm to wear it. Boo. Phoenix in progress The other completed project is the socks for FFIL (that’s future Father in Law) – he is really pleased with them, both colour and fit. I’m glad. Tony's Socks I’m thinking about making a pair for my dad next, well – after I finish the pair I’m knitting for Fiancé, and then finish the fingerless gloves I’ve designed but not knit. I’m going to get them tested as before, and they’ll be a free pattern when they’re done. The shawl is also well underway, I’m on the second half of the beaded (or nupp, as written) section. It looks really nice so far. I’m looking forward to blocking it and seeing how big it actually is. I’m also looking forward to wearing it! I’ll have to figure out an outfit to wear it with, perhaps on dress-down-Friday. Though it could be seen as quite dressy!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Poorly Car

Our car is poorly. Back in July 2007 you may remember me posting about our new car. The little Polo has been good to us for the past almost-three-years; starts first time, even in the snow. We had some work done on the breaks and the exhaust, but nothing unusual for a car that age (it’s an N reg).
But, on Monday night on the way home from knitting, as we got back to the street, there was steam billowing out from under the bonnet. Eek!

We’ve called a mechanic. He’s (so far) proven to be a nice man. He’s going to pick up the car and then have a look for us. The current thoughts (both from him and my dad) are that either there’s a coolant leak, (I’m sorry captain, we cannae go to warp, there’s a coolant leak in engineering), or the head gasket is broken. I don’t know what a head gasket is, but it sounds expensive. I’m told that in order to replace one it takes a lot of work and taking the engine apart a bit. That also sounds expensive. I hope it’s a coolant leak, and an easy to fix one at that.

The pattern for my lacy mitts design is ready for me to start test knitting. Unfortunately, because all of my knitting stuff is “in storage”, I only have one set of sock needles which I’m using to knit some socks for Fiancé. All that this means is that he’ll get them super fast! I bought some lush yarn (neither photographed nor in my Rav stash yet) to make them with (because all my yarn is in storage), a Violet Green merino silk blend, in a lovely dusky red. It’s not a solid colour entirely, but has lots of hues of dark red and dark pinky red. It’s lush; I really can’t describe it and do it justice! I’m pleased with the pattern so far. If there’s yarn left over I might make another one of my lace bag too.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Designs and Decorating

I always have ideas for new designs clamouring for attention while I do other things. Even while I’m knitting I’m thinking of new knitting designs. Or when I’m at work, so many ideas appear!
There’s a school of thought which says you should write them all down. Every single idea you have. I’m a bit disorganised, so the chances of me having an appropriate notebook to do that is slim. However, I believe that an idea which is good enough gets lodged in my brain! I have a bunch of ideas which I haven’t written down for things which will eventually be made. Or, as in the case of the wedding invitations, I’ve designed them in my head, and even scribbled a sketch on the side of some meeting notes, but not actually made them, or really done much towards making them!


We had quite a productive weekend, my folks were up and we did some painting, some cupboard building, and cleaning. (I say we. I’m afraid with the cleaning Mum did pretty much all of it, while I did some ineffective tidying. I’m rubbish at that sort of thing!)
We’ve also bought some paint for the bedrooms. If I’m honest, they’ve needed a lick of paint since we moved in. The walls are magnolia, just magnolia. Which isn’t interesting and means it looks a bit “rental”. We’ve not gone miles away from magnolia though, I’ve bought warm magnolia for above the dado rail. In an effort to make it look a bit more chic, I’ve bought some warm beige for below the dado – kind of a milky coffee colour. (Photos to come, eventually!)
We’re going to do the same colour scheme in the back bedroom, which is currently also magnolia. I have to re-paint the ceiling in there too. I’ve also got the woodwork to paint in both bedrooms too. Nothing too fancy, we’ve got some matt wood paint (rather than gloss) in a colour called cotton white.
I’ll try to remember to take some photos this evening (or set my fiancé on doing so while I’m at knitting!) of the paint, and the painted door! the bathroom door needs sanding down now, and another coat of paint is required. it has already made a big difference to how the bathroom feels when you’re in there – though we can’t shut the door at the moment as there’s no handle!


Of course, that meant I got no knitting done! I do still have two weeks to finish the socks I’m knitting, and I’m well on the way with those. I want to try them on again; I’m getting close to where I need to start the toe. I’m aiming for a shoe size larger than I wear, so I’ll start the toe a few rows later than I normally would.