Sunday, September 04, 2011

Well That Didn't Last Long...

Indeed. Finishitupitis ended almost as soon as I typed the last blog post. Boo.

I was still working only on the hoody, but then we went to the British Wool Weekend in Harrogate yesterday.
I find events like that incredibly inspirational! This was the first one of these weekends, but the stalls were fabulous. There was plenty to look at for spinning and knitting, and some lush buttons! It was pretty calm in there too, not the mad scrum that usually occurs at the Knitting and Stitching show.

One of the exhibits in the hall was giant knitting.
giant knitting

I think that the "needle" might be made out of a drain pipe! It was certainly very cool. It took six of us to move the knitting round once a row had been completed! (I wish I had asked someone to video that!)

So, I was pretty restrained on the buying front, though I couldn't resist some laceweight yarns

Oliver Twists

They're both from Oliver Twist, and they're both very similar colours!

Oliver Twists

There were also some great button stands, one of whom gave me the idea to make some button broaches. (It turns out I don't have any broach backs, so I'll have to make do with one for now!)

Button Craft
I'm really pleased with it though.

Button Craft
I'm looking forward to making some more!
Also, I found this bargain yarn

Unknown Cashwool

It's "Cashwool". The lady asked for £5 for it. I don't know what the yardage is, but I think it's 100% merino, there might be some cashmere in it but I don't know. It's really soft. though.

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