Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Cubes

I’ve been working on a number of things since my last post.

Did I mention that in Nerd Wars T4R1 I melted the cube?


So I’m trying to repeat that feat for T4R2. So far I’ve submitted to the giving geeks challenge (a donation), scientific (a hat) and nerd culture (the slippers). I’ve now also completed the Freudian Shrug:

Freudian Shrug Collage

Pattern: Sagebrush by Hanna Breetz
Yarn: Sublime Pure Merino DK (sesame)
Needles: 4.5mm
Modifications: I used twisted rib rather than standard 1x1 rib on the edge and cuffs.
Verdict: Really nice, quite simple. I can see myself making more adaptations of this design in future.

I was knitting an Acanthus shawlette for the culture/Klimt challenge but I’ve decided that I can’t face using the yarn any more, so I’m going to switch to something else. I think probably a golden apple…
I’m also spinning some yarn for the technical (scrap heap) challenge. I’m enjoying that too, I like a spot of spinning every now and again!
Here’s the fibre I’m spinning for that challenge.

Scrappy Spinning

I’m using all those samples except for the rainbow one second from bottom. I didn’t feel like it worked with the other colours.

I’m so close to making it 6/6 again, but my dissertation is behind. I think I need to make less complex things for R3 if I’m to have any chance of submitting a completed dissertation.
The only definite thing I have planned is slippers for hubby. Otherwise, if there’s a WIP challenge I might finally finish off the spinning I’m still doing, and perhaps the vest I have on the needles too.

Hopefully I’ll have a garden update for you sometime soon. I’ve got lots of exciting things growing in trays, pots and grow bags.

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