Monday, September 03, 2012

Crafty Update

It’s time for a quick crafty update, I think!

The 5th Nerd Wars tournament is now finished, and I just scraped through 6 projects, though the yarn isn’t completed so was only half points.

Ravellenic Shawl hat MSF

IMG_0917 IMG_0921 IMG_0923

The shawl is really nice; I’m very pleased with that one, the baby hat is already with its recipient, and the flower will probably be attached to the headband.

I’m working on the kitchen cabinets, I’ve painted two doors (the little ones for under the sink) and I’m on the drawers now. Once they’re done I’ll do the big doors, then the shelf, the plate rack and finally the cupboard carcasses themselves. It’s going really well and the colour is fab.

I’ve also been working on the pin-board. I’ve re-painted the frame and now I want to cover it with my fabric. I’m considering padding it with a layer of quilt batting before I attach it, but I’m undecided as yet.
At the weekend we went to the British Wool Weekend in Harrogate. It was great again, better than last year I think! We also spent a bit of time in the next door show, which was a quilting show. We went in there mainly because the Black Sheep were in that show, and their Yarn Mountain is not to be missed! I got a couple of bargains from the yarn mountain, and some lovely things from the BWW too.

British Wool Weekend New Stuff! British Wool Weekend New Stuff!
British Wool Weekend New Stuff! British Wool Weekend New Stuff!

These were all from the BWW show. The coloured chunky yarn is Wendy Thor (great name, right?) and it’s going to be a cowl. I bought a button to go with it, which I haven’t photographed (bad blogger). The plain chunky yarn is a massive cone of undyed yarn, which with the aid of some MASSIVE needles I plan to turn into a rug. First though, I need to dye some sections of it.

British Wool Weekend New Stuff! British Wool Weekend New Stuff!

These two, and two books, were my goodies from the Black Sheep. I’m planning on making a sweater out of the lighter pink, which is Sublime Chunky Tweed. I don’t know what I’m going to make out of the DK yet, which is alpaca/merino/silk. Lush.

But first things first, I need to finish up my dissertation socks and get the pattern written up. Once that’s done then I can sort out the new e-book I’m planning.

The new e-book, entitled Dangerous Socks, will be a small sock workbook including the Dangerous Socks for Boys, Dangerous Socks for Girls, some heel and toe alternatives for both patterns, guidance for re-sizing the socks for wider/narrower feet, and (hopefully) conversion of sock patterns to mittens! I'll keep you posted on that as it takes shape.

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