Monday, December 03, 2012

22 days...

I think this is possibly the most organised I have ever been for Christmas.
I have only gifts for my husband still to get, gifts for everyone else are all collected and ready. Most of them are wrapped! I’ve written some of my Christmas cards, though I have more to do.

But the big thing that I have done? The Christmas decorations went up at the weekend.
I usually leave it until just a couple of weeks before Christmas, but I’ve decided that since we’re not home for Christmas I would like to get the most out of the Christmas decorations, so up they went.
First, we picked up these fab tea-lights.


I’m very pleased with them. They’re from Boots, if anyone fancies them.

Then, I’ve put together this vase/stuff combination. It’s a clear glass vase with some glittery scented twigs in it. Then I’ve put gold Christmas scented potpourri, red baubles and some strings of gold beads in there, and voila: stylish but festive.

Then, there’s the tree. I always aim for somewhere between “simplistically stylish” and “the tree that taste forgot”, I think I’ve hit the mark again.


I’ve even got my special beaded baubles up again this year. Hopefully I’ll have time to make another one (or maybe more) this year, as they do look very pretty.

bauble3 bauble2 bauble1
(man they’re hard to photograph!)

So my only question is this: why doesn’t it feel festive? I really don’t feel like I’m in the Christmas spirit, even wrapping the prezzies didn’t do it for me. Is there something missing, or am I just not interested this year? While I try to work out what I need to complete my festivities, I hope that you are enjoying preparation for yours, whatever you celebrate at this time of year.

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