Monday, July 08, 2013

TdF day 7, 8 and 9!

Well, being off work is apparently not conducive to posting daily on my blog. I wonder why that could be?

Thursday evening I did a little bit of spinning on the alpaca, but I didn’t have long to spin so not a lot got done.

TdF day 6

Spinning alpaca from the cloud (with no prep) is pretty dirty work, but it’s spinning up nicely!

Friday I did less spinning than I had hoped, as I spent the morning doing chores and then we went strawberry picking in the afternoon. I really enjoyed the fruit picking and might even go again before the season is over. I did manage to take the wheel outside for a little while though, which was nice.

TdF day 7

And the bobbin started to fill up nicely while I was out in the sunshine

TdF day 7

Day 8 was Saturday, and we went to the exhibit about the Mallard speed record at the National Railway Museum in York. It was a lot of fun!

Mallard 75 celebrations

It did mean that I didn’t get much spinning done though, in fact the day 8 bobbin looks quite similar to the day 7 one above!

 TdF day 8

On Sunday there was a tennis match on the TV (that would be the historic Wimbledon men’s final where Andy Murray finally triumphed!) and I spun during the whole match. This ended up being quite a lot of spinning!

TdF day 9

The slightly blurry picture on the right is my second bobbin of the alpaca; the one on the left is the first finished bobbin.

Today (Monday) is a rest day for the Tour de France cyclists, and so I won’t be doing any spinning today. This is fine by me, as we’re experimenting with a new transport option for my knitting group: I’m going to get the bus back to the nearest village tonight, and then hubby will collect me from there once his ceramics class is finished.

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