Friday, October 22, 2004

Darn it all!

So, we've had our meetings about where we see ourselves in the new structure. Really, it's pointless. I'm sure that whatever my preference is, they already know where they want to put me. I would like to get promoted into a more senior role, but I can't see that happening. It's not because I don't think I am capable of taking a more responsible role - I think I am. I know that I've only been here for just over a year, and that it's very ambitious of me to want promotion at this stage; but the team needs people, who know what's going on, in these roles. It's all a bit silly really! I know that I want promotion. I think that it is clear to people who I report to that I want promotion. I know that I can do it, although it might be hard work. I like to be pushed, I like work to challenge me, not to stifle me! But, like I say, it's not to do with common sense. It's also not about promotion. We're to be "slotted in" to a variety of positions, which supposedly correspond to our current positions. Hmm, well - we'll see. It's just confusing in a lot of aspects, and isn't really helping the climate of distrust that we certainly have in this office. Speaking of climate in the office, there are some team members who are always needlessly critical of everything. Ranging from the fact that I'm not smiling much today (because I'm in pain from my fall - you wouldn't be smiling either!) to what the weather is doing, to what's in the top ten, to what the boss is wearing today. It's madness! Why can't he just grow up and accept that sometimes stuff is poor, sometimes it's not. Just give people the benefit of the doubt from time to time! Please! It's not like anyone is forcing him to be here! Another climate related issue is the air-conditioning. It's ALWAYS very cold over in my part of the office (not least because of the chilly attitudes of some people) and when I complained the guy who came to look did pretty much nothing about it. Apparently all offices have "hot spots" and "cold spots" and unfortunately I sit in one of the cold spots. WHY!? If the climate people were doing their jobs properly there would be an even temperature all across the office, and nobody would be too hot and nobody would be too cold! Grr. So, I realise at this point that I haven't mentioned anything about my fall on my blog. Yes, I fell down the stairs again. This time it was the attic stairs. I put my heel on the step, but it slipped and I slammed down about 3 steps on my bottom and my back. I knocked the wind out of myself (ie ceased to be able to breathe due to no air in lungs) and also scared myself! So, after an amusing moment involving a bowl, which I wont go into, and a phone-call to "NHS direct" I was sitting in just my dressing gown waiting for an ambulance. So I sent Dom a-running around for some clothes. Then, dressed in my sister's old jogging bottoms (only 2 sizes too big) and a "Mr Lazy" T-shirt, I was helped into an ambulance by two pleasant gentlemen who were very nice. I discovered that I have a healthy pulse rate of about 60bpm. Then the ambulance man put the flashers and sirens on so that we could get through the 9am traffic! Woo! We arrived at the hospital, and a cute paramedic helped the two I already had with me, plus a nurse, to move me off the trolley onto a bed. The nurse then took my blood pressure and measured my blood-oxygen levels. She rushed off in such a hurry that she forgot to turn off the auto-blood-pressure-machine. It blew up the pressure collar so much that I thought it was going to explode! Dom turned it off though. Phew! Then the nurse came back with cocodomol. About fifteen minutes later a doctor turned up. She poked and prodded me in a number of places, including the bottom of my coccyx, which is rather close to other places you wouldn’t want to be prodded for comfort! She deduced that there was nothing broken. She was concerned about my sore ribs at the back, but we concluded that I must have hit my back on the steps on the way down. Nice. So she went away. Fifteen minutes or so after that a nurse came through, asked if the painkillers had kicked in and then scooted me off the bed. When it was shown that I could walk around without keeling over, they said I could go home. We called a cab. Almost £6 later, and a good 20 minutes or so, we were back home. That was Tuesday. It's Friday now and I still ache, but at least I'm not broken. I'm going to take more care on the stairs. And probably buy a bungalow when I have an actual house of my own. One floor is definitely the way to go. Stairs-free, that's the kind of house I want. A ramp would be acceptable, if I were to have an upstairs I'd want a ramp rather than stairs I think. That would be sooooo cool! :D So there we are.
But I'm fine now.
Well, I'm still in pain, but I'm ok.

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