Monday, October 09, 2006

Geek Chic

I love that concept. My cousin left a comment on one of the photos on
MySpace that the look I had was “Geek Chic” which is a fantastic concept! Then, when googling the phrase “Geek Chic” I discovered something beautiful. It was Fantastic! They even have a section where they interview geeks! They asked Linus Torvalds what his favourite operating system was!! (for you non-Computer-Geeks out there, Linus Torvalds is the man who invented Linux – a non Windows operating system which now comes in many varieties and the users can write for themselves!).

This got me thinking. This website is pretty restrictive in the terms of what a Geek is. So, I looked up Geek Chic on
Wikipedia. Apparently, Geek chic refers to the popularity of people who are considered to be geeks - in other words, when a Geek is considered to be cool, that’s Geek Chic. It involves wearing thick rimmed specs which are stylish rather than dorky, for example. I’ve been shouting about Geek being Chic for some time – I’ve got some pretty thick rimmed specs myself (in fact, they’re my “going out” pair, as opposed to my “work pair”!). So, we know that Geek Chic is when it’s cool to be a Geek. Think plasma TVs and super-fast computers. Shiny gadgets which mean you can open the curtains with a remote control or play the same music in any room in the house. Geek Chic is embracing your geekiness and making it cool.

So, what exactly is a Geek? Well, there is (once again in Wikipedia) a definition of
Geeks which goes some way to explaning being a Geek. If you care to read down, you will find that a sub-type of Geek is a Blogger which figures. Anyway, I guess that means that my Geek Code needs updating!

Of course, Geek Code is almost certainly not chic. Having a Blog and MySpace is more chic, but still not 100% mainstream. Wearing funky specs and the like… Geek chic.

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