Tuesday, October 10, 2006

That time of the year again

Yes, it is that time of the year again where I have to decide what type of phone I want to upgrade to. I am in a similar situation to last time, in that I have a phone that I like now and don’t really need to ‘upgrade’ but I know that within the next three-to-six months my phone will be so far out of date I will be getting phone envy of other people. I was very envious of Leon’s new phone last January (that I got him) which was a nice shiny Sony Ericsson K750i. It was a very groovy phone, until I washed it.
So, one of the options is the most up to date version of the Sony Ericsson, the drunk w810i. It’s a nice looking phone, mostly. It’s a bit orange. It does have all of the features that I want from a phone (it can make and receive phonecalls, it can send and receive texts, it can have a doody ringtone and will [probably] work abroad) However, I am not sure. I do like the look of the e900 from Samsung drunk which is lovely. It is a Samsung, like my last two phones, so I have the benefit of being used to the Samsung operating system, and T9 predictive text. I didn’t really find it that hard to switch from my Nokia to my first Samsung though. I did consider getting a Nokia, but they’re all a bit ugly. Or they look just like the Nokia I had three years ago! Nokia did a good job of making their phones backwards compatible though, all of their newer phones had (I don’t know if it’s still true) the same connections for chargers etc. I remember it was always great that everyone I knew had a Nokia because it meant that we could borrow one another’s charger when we were visiting.
My first phone was a BTCellnet of some sort, and the one after was equally pants (an NEC – very slinky but not much cop) but my first phone, properly, was my Nokia 8210. What a stunning little phone – it had everything I needed, it was small enough to fit into all of my handbags, and even into my jeans! it could vibrate and play the ringtones together, which Samsungs appear not to be able to do, which is pants. It was virtually indestructible! It had interchangeable fascias, which meant that I could change my phone to match my outfit! I loved that phone so much. And that is really what has set the standard for me, in terms of phones. I upgraded to some other Nokia when I got my first contract phone with O2. It was as good in almost all respects, except for the size – it was about 2cm taller. This was too big for my jeans. That was when I was lured away to a Samsung – a classy little phone with the new slide action. I can’t remember the number though! Then I upgraded again to the E530, which was fantastic (even though Orange only stocked the blue one, not the pink one.) and has been great. It’s got a little chip out of it but it’s still pretty and it still works. I have some trouble with the call quality, which I gather is an issue with that phone. So anyway, I have to decide which new phone I want.
The actual aim around the whole phone situation is not actually for me getting a new phone. It’s actually for us to get free broadband at home, thus saving us £15 a month. That all depends on whether they’ll do it or not – I reckon that I should be able to get the broadband and a new phone but stay on my current contract. I might have to have an 18 month contract then though. I guess we’ll see.


Anonymous said...

W810i rocks for me.

Tsuki said...

Ah, I was already leaning towards the Samsung. I have no need for a phone that plays MP3s, I have an IPod. - Oh, you have 4 - why do you want an MP3 phone? :P

No really though, the Samsung is small and shiny, it was always going to win.