Monday, February 26, 2007

Boring yet exciting weekend!

I didn’t do much this weekend.

We had a pleasant (and rather cheap) meal at an Italian (that I forget the name of again) on Friday evening. Friday evening was otherwise notable for being the evening of the same day that I was forced to leave work at 4pm due to desk moves and so went into town and bought some more nice wool and a pair of cable needles.

On Saturday I had intended to go into town, but as I had bought the things I needed on Friday, I instead had a much more laid back Saturday. I have almost finished the bag I’ve been making; it just needs lining.

Sunday was slightly more eventful, if not particularly thrilling. Firstly I was driving at the ungodly hour of 9:30am! This was fine, though, and my driving was generally okay. I did stop on a zebra crossing, though, which is very naughty. I will soon be booking/taking my theory test.
Anyway, I had cunningly arranged to meet L at the gym, so I thought. This would therefore save me the time of driving to the gym. On arrival at the gym I could not see our car, but I just thought that L was running a little late. Not so. After half an hour I asked at reception in the gym if I could use their phone (there being no phonebox and my mobile being in my gym bag at home) to see whether L had set off. He hadn’t, he was still waiting for me at home. Whoops! He’d misunderstood me, and thought that I was going to get dropped off at home and that we’d go directly to the gym, not that he was meant to meet me there. I must remember to be clearer and SPEAK….SLOWLY….AND….CLEARLY…. in future. But really, other than wasting a whole hour, no harm done. And L did cook dinner last night and make lunch for today. So I let him off. I’ll still make him a scarf.

Then, while I was in the toilets of the gym my parents called to let me know that they had a price for our upcoming holiday. It was a good price, so I said I was happy for them to book. Which they did, so we’re off to Florida! Woo! We do still have to work out what we’re doing car wise and save up a bit more money, but we’re sooooo close now! I’m very excited about it already, so goodness knows what I’ll be like by August!
This does also give me a timescale for when I have to be not fat by. 4 months and 14 days, and counting! I only want to lose another stone, which should be okay except for that I haven’t lost ANY weight at all going to the gym so far. Maybe I’m not exercising hard enough. I’m not sure what I'm going to do during the 6 weeks that L can’t lift weights, although hopefully he’ll be able to do some cardio.
He also can’t drive for a fortnight, which is a bigger pain. The odds of me passing my theory, getting a practical test and passing it within the next fortnight are a bit slim!

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