Thursday, February 08, 2007


knitted scarf

I've been knitting (as mentioned in an earlier post) and have now uploaded some pictures of the things I have knitted. On the right here is my first project, a scarf in knit stitch. It's pretty easy to knit a scarf, although it took a while. If I make another I may choose to make it a bit narrower. I like the tassles though. It's very cosy.

knitted bag

On the left is my second project, a bag. This is also in knit stitch, but with stripes. They were also reasonably easy to achieve. Could be difficult on a two sided item like a scarf though, as the ends are neatly tidied inside the bag, which wouldn't happen on a scarf.

I'm currently working on some wrist-bands. I've done one so far which says "geek" in pink on a black background.

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