Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Birthdays and Socks

At the weekend I went back to Gainsborough for my Dad’s birthday. We had a nice time, did a little shopping, some fixing of the car and had a lovely meal out. On the way down to Gainsborough I finished a second pair of Saartjes Booties for baby Ruby. The other pair was too small.
I’m pretty happy with them. I’ll definitely use the pattern again for other babies in the future.

I managed to finish the Earl Grey Socks on the way home. They’re good, I’m very happy with them. OH wore them on Sunday night and proclaimed them to be both comfortable and warm.
Sadly at some point there I managed to pick up a cold, so I spent most of yesterday in bed. I felt properly rubbish, but was improved enough by the afternoon to pick up some knitting. Though the Sweater of Doom called to me briefly, I pretty much just did a couple of rows. It’s not that it’s not interesting to knit – it’s not bad now that I’m into the cream bit – just that I didn’t feel like knitting it. it’s so big and hot!

Anyway, I pootled around a little before finally deciding that it couldn’t hurt to cast on some more socks (the Music with Sox in Swap notwithstanding, starts on Friday – I’ll have a month to make some socks) and the Jaywalker (Ravelry link only now Magknits is no more) has been in my queue for a while. It’s really quite a funky pattern, and so easy! I love easy but funky. And oddly, it’s not as boring as it should be. Perhaps this is because I am easily amused, and so I get excited every time the colour changes in the yarn. I’m using “Lemon Sherbet” in the Magic range from Opal. (Get Knitted say it’s a UK only colour, it’s fab!)
The colour changes didn’t start until after I’d done the ribbing, which works. I don’t know what will happen with the second sock though. Despite the fact that I want to try two at a time on two circs, I thought I’d leave that for the sock swap. Also, I’ve heard that Jaywalkers are fun to knit and go quite fast (I’d agree so far). I do worry that I will not be able to put them down though!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hayley,

Just a note from your CSI pal. I'll be mailing your package tomorrow. I'm so sorry it's late. I thought I would find an open post office during my travels, but that was wishful thinking! (How's that for a clue?)

~Your CSI swap pal~