Thursday, May 08, 2008


It’s been a busy week so far and it’s not getting any less busy!
Mum and Dad were up on Sunday. We visited one of the local farm shops. (The one with the chickens)

Having spent most of Saturday on the costumes, I then spent about half of Monday on them too. We then went shopping on Monday afternoon for some magi knickers for me (wait ’til you see the dress for the PTH!) and we also managed to pick up part of my Dad’s birthday gift.

Tuesday was a pretty hectic work day, at the end of which I spent several hours in a car going to Telford. At least we were staying in a nice hotel this time. The food in the restaurant was a bit hit and miss, but fairly tasty and cheap. Breakfast was the usual buffet sort, but tasty too! The meeting was reasonably useful, which is always a bonus when you’ve travelled all that way. The journey back was pretty uneventful. There was some kind of medical incident on the train which delayed us by about 20 minutes. I hope that whoever it was is okay.

So, today is the PTH (Pub Treasure Hunt) and my team at work actually have two teams this year! I’m still not telling you the theme or showing you the costumes yet. They are fab though; I’m quite pleased with them!

Then tomorrow is lots of preparation for the wedding on Saturday. (Anyone would think it was my wedding, the amount of getting ready I’m doing!)
I hope I’m not too hung over because I need to get up and epilate, dye my hair*, go to the gym for my induction, go to get my nails done, go to get my hair cut*, and have a passport photo taken. * I am dying my own hair because I’m going to a new salon and I forgot about the whole 48 hours patch test. I’m off to the York College and a trainee will be cutting my hair. Could be interesting! I’m sure that I’ll be fine, I’m pretty easy going about my hair anyway.
I have bought a hair magazine which has pictures of Posh’s hair in it. Always useful to have a picture! Anyway, there are some other nice cuts in there which are really similar too. I’ve also bought some hair colour from the “Herbal Essences” range, called “Bronze Ice” from the “Fearless Colour” range. Indeed. Anyway, we’ll see how it goes! It’s been a while since I dyed my own hair! Yey!
Now all that remains is to get a strapless or “invisible strap” bra to wear under the dress. I tried one on in La Senza (well, actually I tried two, I always start with the smaller of the options since I seem to be between sizes) and it made my boobs look a really funny shape! So I’m hoping to find time tomorrow to visit the M&S lingerie department in town (after the gym, before I get my nails done) to see if they have anything more suitable. Ho hum. My own fault for making a dress where the bra straps are visible!

There will be pictures…

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