Monday, October 20, 2008

Forgive me for I have sinned...

...I cast on another project at the weekend.

  • I wanted a quick knit so that I could have something finished to make me feel better (it’s not finished yet)
  • I have to get something made very soon for my Secret Santa (well, for the end of November...)
Okay, I only have those pathetic excuses. I am weak. Anyway, the offending item should be finished in a couple more days. I can’t say too much about it because it’s for my UKarma (Rav Link) Secret Santa Giftee. I’ve also bought the gift for that now, almost within the budget. So, only the edibles to add.

This weekend we went to Masham, and from there on to the Wensleydale Longwool Sheep Shop. Seriously – go there if you’re in the area.
I noted, before we left for Masham (another nice town, go there too) that there were no opening hours marked on the website. I thought that maybe they wouldn’t be open off-season. And certainly not after 4pm (we arrived at about 4:15 or so). Not so! The lovely owner (possibly Ann) opened up the shop especially for me - talk about service! So I got some lovely goodies. One is the aforementioned gift, so no piccies, and a poster of British Sheep Breeds (!!Wow!!) and a book about sheep. Lastly, a big ball of Wensleydale sheep wool top. Ready for spinning. Woo!

I have made some progress on the spinning front, but I have decided that the red/red/orange doesn’t go with the purple/pink I already spun. So I still need to find something to make with that. Perhaps I could use it for trim on something. I’ll think about that.

Anyway, I realise that I haven’t treated you to any pics of the latest FO, so here are:
The Ladybird socks:
Ladybird Socks 3
More here

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Dianne said...

We're all sinners... Love those ladybird socks. I thinking of allowing myself to cast on two projects for every one that I finish. Now THAT'S incentive to churn out some projects!