Thursday, October 09, 2008

Stop Casting On!!

It’s been a while. Not so long, but longer than I usually leave between blogging.
This is mostly because I have completely failed to upload any pictures of my completed socks, or my sock in progress. I’m a bad blogger.
So, what’s going on with me? Not a lot really. I’ve been looking at and queuing lots of lace projects. lace is nice, it looks complicated and often isn’t as complicated as it looks. Sometimes it is complicated too though. I’m getting better at reading my knitting, which is an important part of knitting lace. I think I might have to be brutal with myself. I have quite a few projects on the needles, and I need to get some of them finished. So, I’m thinking about not casting on anything new until I have finished what I have on the needles at the moment. Brutal, no?
What do I have on the needles?
Noro Sock Noro Socks - these are getting my “at work” knitting time, as they’re the most portable of my projects. If I stick to my not casting on, then once these are complete I will have to bring a different project to work! I really like these so far. If I remember when I get home I’ll switch the picture to be one of the actual socks!
Clapotis - there are 8008 Clapotis on Ravelry, and it’s in 4213 queues. It’s a beautiful scarf/shawl thing, and there’s so much scope to make yours a little different than everyone else has. Mine is using sock yarn, 237 of those on Ravelry come up when you search for “sock” in the Clapotis category. I really must take an updated photo. This is getting most of my “sofa” knitting time, as it’s simple enough for me not to go wrong while engrossed in something. Also, things like the Vice Presidential debate are made more interesting by knitting along! clap markers
The remaining projects I find I spend less time knitting on, and these are the ones I want to concentrate on before I cast on something more.
For Mum Cardigan for Mum - I really do want to finish this! It’s a cotton yarn, which I don’t enjoy working with as much as I do wool. The lace pattern is simple and effective, and there’s no side seaming, only seaming on the sleeves. What more could I ask, really? Branching Out 1 My First Lace - or not, really, because I’ve finished lace socks now. This is really pretty, but as with all scarves (except for Clapotis, so far – touch wood!) I’m bored of it before it’s long enough to even think about casting off. Tut.
Sudoku Blanket. Yes, it’s still here, still technically on the needles. I think I need to find a pattern that I like for the next eight inch square, as the one I’ve been working on is not as nice as the first one was. Since I have to knit 9 of each pattern I’d prefer it to be a pattern I don’t hate! Crochet Squares (bag?). I started this because I didn’t think I’d be able to knit on the plane on the way to France. They way it’s going, I’m not likely to do any more on it until I next get on a plane! No, really though – it’s just basic granny squares which I plan to sew together into a bag. I haven’t decided how many squares yet.

I promise to be a better blogger soon! Proper pictures and stuff. Honest!

Oh - by the way - notice the new layout of the blog? I finally figured out how to make the page wider (call yourself a programmer???) so yey! proper tables, pictures at full width, the works!

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kasiaiscarly said...

I love the color of your Clapotis!