Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's only a little bit of snow...

Earlier in the year (close to Easter) I wrote this post in which I quoted (or mis-quoted) a song from Terry Wogan.

It’s December now, we expect the weather to be less pleasant than the rest of the year.
For some reason, when it snows the entire country goes crazy.
Here in York we’ve had about 2 inches of snow at the moment. It’s already melting. Frankly, I’m disappointed as the met office promised me 6 inches and snow drifts.
And yet, chaos? It’s 9:34 and I reckon about half of the people on my floor at work aren’t here yet (which is unusual).
In true British fashion, it is all anyone is talking about (and indeed, I’m blogging about it, so I can’t really take the Michael there.)
I’ve just been to the BBC weather page and read the warning, and I think that the televised news is scare mongering a bit. The 20cm that has been forecast (that’s almost 8 inches in real money) is for high ground with only 2-5cm (up to 2 inches) forecast in low lying areas and cities. Pah. That’s nothing.

I don’t know why I’m complaining mind you, I don’t really like snow that much. It’s cold and makes everything else cold. If it is snowing then it sticks to clothes, getting them wetter than rain would. Snow piles up and then gets stomped into mushy slush which then freezes and becomes a death-trap. Oh it looks pretty for about five minutes before the rush hour. Then there’s flinging snow. People seem to like the idea of throwing filthy compacted balls of ice at one another. They call it fun. I call it horrible, and stay inside with a hot drink.

[as an aside, every time I type a br tag, for a new line, I keep putting brr. Funny, if you’re a geek]

I just take comfort that we’re in a part of the world where large amounts of snow don’t usually happen. I admire places (like in parts of Canada) where snow is normal for three months of the year where everything doesn’t stop.

It doesn’t seem that long ago (though I think it was last year) that we were complaining that the very hot summer was buckling railway lines.

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