Sunday, December 07, 2008

Xmas Dress

So, on Friday I promised to show you my frock from the Christmas Party, and here it is. I took the pattern from the same dress as this one for a recent wedding was taken from. Instead of making it as a dress and a skirt sewn together, I made each panel the full length of the dress. The centre front panel's lacing doesn't add to the structure of the dress, it's just for show. I tried lacing it the other way up, but it didn't look as nice. The straps were a bit of a trial this time, and I have some sneaky bra-strap-holders attached to keep them hidden.
Construction issues aside, I did like this dress, and it didn't take that long to make. I wouldn't change it, I was pretty happy with it.

Also, you might notice that I've had a haircut. I know it's not that different, but there are two things to note. One is that, other than the blonde-ish bit near the front, it's my actual natural colour (that happens once in a blue moon, I dislike my natural colour. I guess at least it isn't grey, yet). The other is that my "parting" is now on the other side...

The party itself was pretty good. The band were reasonable, though they needed to turn up the mike on the lady singer a bit. The Wii's in the other room were always too busy, and I gather they were hogged by the same group of people all night. Tut. I got to dance to plenty of cheesy music, and generally had fun. The food (my only turkey this year, I suspect) was better than it has been in previous years.

Next Christmas Party is my Department's do next Friday. This is coupled with some work stuff, so will be less fun from that aspect. However, it's all paid for by the company, which is nice.

After that there will be the traditional Christmas Curry, then Christmas at my sister's. We're due to be home on the Saturday and then back to work for 2 days (joy). I should be off on my birthday, and have to decide whether I'm off to a New Year do, or sticking to my original Chinese meal with a few friends option. I wouldn't want anyone to have to choose between me and our other friend (whose party it is) so that's a bit of a dilemma. That said, as I'm at work from 9am on the 1st (yes, you read that right, 9am on the 1st January) then I don't really want to be out getting completely ratted.


Gee said...

you may or may not be please to know, we will be having turkey and beef on xmas day, with trad veg and Yorkshire puds! we are also not going mad with xmas dinner for 2 reasons, we are poor and we dont have much room! lol

the word verification was THUMP! haha

Dianne said...

Love the dress!!!

greeneyedcrafts said...

Wow - you're amazingly multitalented!

James said...

That's a really pretty dress!