Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Sunday, December 21st. I have no Christmas knitting to complain about, because I am not knitting anything for anyone this Christmas. After last year's still knitting on Christmas Eve, (don't even go there) I thought it was best. In the spirit of trying to feel more festive, I've tried a few things. I have a festive-smelling body scrub. I bought mince pies for my team at work (and had two left for Leon and me) We went into town on Saturday for the Christmas Market, which wasn't. Nope, still not feeling festive. I'm thinking about my 27 achievements of being in my 27th year... And whether I've achieved my 2008 goals... No, if you saw the post at the beginning of 2008, you'll know I've not managed to achieve those. Still, I'm not worried. I will have my 27. I'm good at spin.

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