Monday, February 02, 2009

27 days and counting...

Yikes! You wouldn’t believe how much I want to cast on something new! It’s madness! It’s not like I don’t have enough to knit, and yet I find myself surfing my queue on Ravelry trying to find a sweater pattern (or cardi, shrug etc) for my Noro Kureyon (8 balls, 880 yards) and wondering whether it’s cheating to cast on a new pair of socks. The odd thing is that I actually like all of the things I’m currently knitting!

My Yarn Harlot “Never Not Knitting” Calendar today talks about Groundhog Day, and how progress on a sweater can be likened to Groundhog Day. By this reckoning, and based on the progress of the sweater, I can predict that there will be six more weeks of winter (during which time I will not have finished the sweater and will therefore be cold)

I am thoroughly enjoying the waterfall socks pattern. Sadly, it’s not really easy enough to knit on the bus (which leads me to want to pick a new sock pattern for bus knitting… sigh) but it’s spot on for lunchtime. I get somewhere between six and ten rounds done at lunch, depending on how fast I eat (which leaves me differing lengths of time to knit) and on how much I’m concentrating. Also if someone talks to me I tend to slow down or stop.

And the snow is mostly melted, on the paths at least. All that fuss… I guess it must be much worse everywhere else, right?

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