Friday, February 06, 2009


Other than the baby jacket, which I have photographed but not uploaded, there is not much knitting news.
In fact, there’s not much news at all. I am very close to meeting my target of doubling my squat weight, as I said in this post my previous best was 25kg. I am currently on 45kg. I think that’s pretty good!
I’m doing less well on the “lose girth” objective, as I’ve not lost any girth, and in fact may have increased of late. This makes me sad. I guess I need to change something else; eat less or go to the gym more, for example. Ho hum.

I’ve not knit much on the sweater (goal 4) since I last mentioned it because last night I knit on a travelling scarf! I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, it looks funky. So, that one will be going in the post around the 23rd I think. (I’m a bit ahead of schedule!)
And, I took Mum’s cardi to knit-night, which was a good idea! I got quite a bit done, and it was simple enough to knit and talk at the same time. That’s good news for the cardi!

Also, I did collect my specs, I didn’t organise a photo of me in them yet. I’ll talk nicely to OH sometime.

PS. This is my 589th post, so in 11 posts time I will have made 600 posts on this blog. Since I have no idea how far my readership spans (there may only be one of you out there – hello Sis – or several, or many) I probably will not have a contest, as much fun as that might be. If you have an idea how I could commemorate the milestone (or if you think I should wait for 1000, or a blogoversary) then stick in a comment.

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