Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Goal Completed

Yes, that's right, I've completed one of my 5 New Year Goals!
Double My Squat Weight: Done!
Today at they gym I did four sets of squats. One set of 8 and one of 10 at 37.5kg, one set of 10 at 45kg, then I was feeling strong! So, I did a fourth set, 10 reps at 50kg! Woo! That's over two thirds of my body weight! Brilliant!
I also did one full push up. Though that seems poor, I haven't been able to do even one before, I currently do "ladies" push ups, on the fronts of my knees.
So, I'm setting myself some more fitness goals, outside of this initial double squat lift. Basically I want to up my Squat again, I'm aiming for about 70 in the end I think (which is what OH currently squats) and also to be able to do one set of 5 full push ups.

In knitting news, the first waterfall sock is finished. I'm calling the project falling down, a bit like the film (I often feel like that) and also because the stitches look like they're falling down.

Last day at work before my holiday tomorrow. It will probably be hectic, it usually is just before a holiday. Then I have a week and a half off! Woo! Into that time we are packing: OH birthday (same day as Darwin's, only OH is not that old), visiting OH's family, visiting a relative we didn't know about before, a wedding, sightseeing in London (hopefully including some ethical fashion, ethical eating, yarn and Darwin), visiting my parents, a trip to the Yorvik centre, at least one other day-trip somewhere, and finally a trip to Edinburgh to see friends. We had intended to shoehorn a trip to Amsterdam in there too, but I don't think we can manage it, so we might have to re-plan that one. Phew!

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