Monday, August 31, 2009

Bunting for Fyberspates

So, I'm quite a fan of one or two indie dyers out there in the yarn world.
You might remember me posting about my Forest Canopy Shawl which I knit in a yarn called Scrumptious, from Fyberspates. Well, Jeni (the dyer behind Fyberspates) has moved premises, and one of the other girls in the Ravelry group suggested that we make some bunting to decorate her new unit.
You can read Quesselchen's blog post about it here - I think that the pink flag in the second picture might be one of the ones I did. I also did a green-with-pink-letter "Y" flag, so that we could spell Fyberspates!
How cool is that though? Anyway, Fyberspates is one of my top three yarnies, which also includes Violet Green and Wensleydale Longwool Sheepshop.

The kitchen is coming along, I'll have a kitchen-photo-heavy post for you shortly. I've finished the Roman blind, framed my cute animals pictures and painted a canvas, among other crafty things for the room. It still needs doors and handles, and tiling, but the main bits will be there.

Oh, but the plumber? Sheesh. Leon was sure he'd booked him for last Thursday (27th Aug) but it turns out it's actually next Thursday (3rd Sept) instead. So, I left work early to be in for the plumber, who didn't turn up. So I called him to be informed that he wasn't even meant to be here. Boo.

Oh, I've also been making some jewellery to go with the shawl I still haven't finished. I'll photograph that shortly too.
And I finished these Jaywalkers in Wendy Happy "Leo", I think they look cool. I have three other colours of Wendy Happy (Gone a bit mad on it? Me? Never!) one of which is destined to be pretty plain socks for Boyf. Probably. I might knit him some of the Schoppel Wolle ones first (Brown) Happy Jaywalkers Last thing, before I go, I set a new PB on the squat the other day. I've managed a 60kg squat for 2 sets of 8 reps. Smashing! Now I'm aiming for 70kg.

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Josie said...

The socks look fantastic! I still can't get on with the jaywalkers pattern, but you seem to be a natural at it!

I love the bunting idea, and have aquired the may very well end up decorating my living room...