Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things I intend to do tonight

Isn’t it always handy to have a checklist? And I do like lists…
  1. Eat
  2. Build Shelf
  3. Make Invitations
  4. Clean up
  5. Reorganise craft items

I actually started with an 18 item list, but I realised that wasn’t very interesting, so I’ve kept that separate and I’ll use that for myself!

I’ve bought a new shelf for the craft room. It’s the same as the shelf I already own (and although I bought the same colour, I bet it isn’t) which I use to store my craft books and some crafty items like cardstock. It’s been a very useful shelf, and surprisingly sturdy for a cheap shelf.

This desire to tidy up is in part driven by the prospect of the spinning wheel. While the wheel itself will probably be downstairs (certainly while I’m using it) I can’t take over the whole house with the fluff that goes with it! (Well…)

I’m hopeful that the lovely fibre I bought earlier in the week will have arrived at my house today. I’m torn between the desire to practice spinning and not “waste” nice fibre and the desire to produce something I could use to make something. In any case, the fibre needs a home while I’m spinning the other fibre (or knitting, crocheting, dying, sewing…)

Also, I want to find the books on spinning that I have already bought, so that I can be prepared when I settle in with the wheel at home.

I might take the opportunity to flash my stash, and my craft room – though I suspect that the camera might be flat!

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